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  • Nm 2/28 95% superfine wool 5%cashmere
  • Gauge: 1 ply 12 gauge flat knitting machine
  • Colors in stock: 48colors
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Zhejiang Springair Textile Group is a comprehensive enterprise integrating R&D, design, manufacture, marketing and brand operation of textile product, with the registered capital of 100 million yuan and annual turnover of over 600 million yuan. Its headquarter is located at Hangzhou, China, with covering an area of 45000㎡,and  construction area of 85000 ㎡, adjacent to the Xiaoshan International Airport. It is in perfect line with the  global world trade market. Through the unremitting efforts of all the Springair people, now it has 10 production subsidiaries and four trading subsidiaries.

Zhejiang Springair Textile Group is the world’s most advantegous cashmere apparel supplier, and the global green textile advocator and pioneer. It is an organization with global corporate social responsibility certification.The company has world’s first class production line imported from Germany, Britain, Italy, Japan and other countries. It has annual production capacity of 2,000 tons of yarns,10,000,000 pieces of all kinds of apparel and 3 million pieces of home items.

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1, In 1985,

Invested 35 million to have brought the world’s most advanced production line of cashmere textile into operation, starting dreams of people from Springair;

2, In 1999,

Zhejiang Springair-textile co., LTD. was set up;

3, In 2004,

Zhejiang Springair-textile co., LTD moved to Hangzhou Binjiang district Binkang Road no. 188;

4, In 2009,

Zhejiang Maglieria cashmere family co., LTD was set up, which is a operational company of professional cashmere brand. In the same year in September, the West lake branch shop of Cashmere Family were also opened;

5, In 2010,

Zhejiang Springair-textile co., LTD is renamed to Zhejiang Springair-textile Group;

6, By the end of 2015,

Zhejiang Maglieria cashmere family had opened 58 branch stores in Shenyang, Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Chengdu, Wuhan, Hangzhou and other cities within five years


Springair has set itself an ambitious goal: we want to improve people’s health and quality of life with innovative clothing materials. This is the basis of our current and future economic success. However, economic strength also means a great responsibility. We would like all people to share the fruits of fashion progress, regardless of their origins or income.
We support programs that provide access to innovative cashmere / apparel planning, and take up the fight against neglected material. We work side-by-side with aid agencies, international bodies and policy makers.

As a company, we are firmly rooted in society – as a reliable employer and trainer, as a good neighbor at our locations all over the world, as an organization that uses and protects natural resources. It comes natural to us to deal with people and nature in a respectful and sustainable manner, to act unconditionally in accordance with applicable laws, and to maintain the highest standards.

We believe responsibility lays the foundation for long-term confidence in the reliable, high quality of our work and products. There must be a healthy balance between economy, ecology and society – and this conviction is the basis of our actions.

Business philosophy


For decades, following the fast-changing pace of modern science and technology development, employees of Springair Textile Group have innovated boldly and composed the new chapter of textile with their enterprise spirit of “harmony, development and sharing ”in High and New Technology Development Zone of Hangzhou, by combining with international service concept, exquisite production technology level, leading production equipment at home and abroad, and perfect enterprise management system.

Giving employees silent transforming influence

Springair Textile Group always puts this thought of “loving employees, sowing love” into practice. The “Springair action” has been carried out each year to help those employees in need and solve their problems, since the company has been established. Springair staff gather filamentous spring rains and warm spring breeze, mix them into dazzling riches, and  created the harmonious Springair family regardless of wind and rain.

All rivers run into sea, and its greatness contains everything

On the one hand, the Springair adheres to human-centered concept, seeking common ground while putting aside differences, respect for talents and knowledge, equality and tolerance, providing the freedom platform for the realization of ideals and boosting employees’ career development; on the other hand, the Springair gathers diversified thoughts here together, encourages each other, pushes the company to be bigger and stronger, and comprehensively achieves the healthy and sustainable development of the company!

Make contribution to excellence and Share the quality

Springair people have realized their self -transcendence with down-to-earth working style over and over again. They remind themselves of making it up to the customers for their repeated business with their meticulous and pious attitude and perfect service, let Springair brand spread across the world and the people around the world share the success and joy of Springair people at the same time.


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