After the beginning of the winter, the cold wind lofty winter officially began. but! This winter, I refuse to be bloated! Because I have Baby Cashmere underwear to protect me!

Warm winter, new plan! “Warm 520” baby cashmere underwear crowdfunding November 15th is about to start. By then, “cashmere family METTE” service center and “cashmere family MetteCashmere” subscription center will enable booking channel simultaneously.

Today, cashmere family METTE heavyweight recommend this Baby Cashmere underwear.

Why small cashmere underwear so precious

Cashmere family METTE pure natural cashmere underwear raw materials from inner layer of cashmere goats who lives in the alpine region, the output is very rare, can only collect this kind of cashmere by gentle brushing once when the goats are 1-year old, only about 35 grams of usable fiber is produced per goat on average, yielding extremely scarce amounts.

In order to maximize the cashmere underwear to maintain the natural characteristics, our cashmere underwear¬† have “pure natural, zero-dyeing” properties, 100% made of the original cashmere quality, will not cause irritation and harm to the body, is your quality of healthy living choice ! Baby Cashmere pure natural cashmere unique high-density curvature and super skin-friendly so that it close to wear, can produce a certain amount of massage, promote blood circulation, improve sleep quality, good for your health.

Baby Cashmere pure natural small cashmere underwear is super warm, thermal underwear is unmatched by other. Traditional thermal underwear are thickened, plus velvet to achieve the thermal effect, it is difficult to get rid of bloated thick body.

The cashmere underwear inside with high air content, the formation of the protective layer between the skin, thereby increasing its thermal effect. And cashmere is fluffy, full suede, elastic, which makes the skin and underwear between the space remained stable, the warmth of heat will not be due to slight movement to leave the body.

Elastic close, more graceful posture, fluffy fine velvet, firmly locked temperature, enjoy the light time. Super nice texture baby cashmere pure natural cashmere underwear, bring elegant elegance wearing experience.

Whether it is late spring and autumn, or winter, there should be a baby cashmere underwear. Because it is unique and unsurpassed. This winter, in the cashmere family METTE pick a delicate warm cashmere underwear, feel the soft, silky, warm cashmere.

Three classic cashmere underwear

Round neck simple women models

Round neck pumping female models


V collar simple men

Nice bottoming shirt stereotypes, delicate cashmere underwear picked from thousands of materials, we give you all quality and discount!

Only once per year, miss it till next year! Must take it steady ! Do not want to miss more event information, so stay tuned “cashmere family METTE” service center and “cashmere family MetteCashmere” subscription center, November 15th, special event, meet with us!

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