Do you mind the quality of metrosexual man is what? Warm and funny guy? Calm and low-key style of the uncle? Elegant style of the gentleman? The METTE family with a new season of cashmere fashion cashmere clothing, build strength quality advanced metrosexual man outfit.


Autumn and winter, rendering the basic models of thin, warm cashmere sweater is preferred. This gray cashmere sweater, the middle part of the blue bar to enhance the fashion, suitable for young men wearing. In a white shirt, confident sunshine; outside the ride suit, with exquisite watches, black shoes, true to a low-key taste metrosexual man daily.


The classic navy blue and grey to color design, in stripes, a quality metrosexual man casual mood. Simple and neat and easy collocation, to create fashion styling, vigorous yet steady.


Red and brown color design, always bring more surprises. With blue jeans, or nine sub pants, casual fashion, suitable for daily wear home. Bright colors, to convey the wearer’s passion for life, the attitude of fashion. The quality of the metrosexual man graceful style, full bloom.


Gradually changing patterns of snow, scattered on the quiet of the cashmere sweater, bring the romantic aesthetic of the winter atmosphere. The design have great originality, reflected in the extending from the shoulder to the snow jacquard chest, like a mysterious blue sky, dotted with bright shining stars. Like static like tiny spots.


So there is a sense of design clothes for young fashion metrosexual man wearing. The streets of the lazy casual, comfortable home party affinity, fashion personality, just need a sweater, it can be easy to get.


Jacquard geometric pattern, giving it a fashion design; dark blue and sky blue and white color, giving it a young and energetic. Classic Crewneck style, suitable to build various models. An invigorating autumn climate weather, a street home for two. God’s standard, fashion cashmere sweater texture + briefcase slacks Sunglasses + + + fine watches, minute turned fashion metrosexual man.


The collar suit jacket, leisure dress feeling slightly in the workplace for calm and confident you. Low profile Zhu red, the interpretation of the business man composed of self-confidence. Take the shirt, convey the self comfort urban metrosexual man fashion attitude.


Make more than individuality and fashion, more reflect the attitude and spirit! Cashmere family METTE with simple, stylish, comfortable clothing, to encourage people to pursue the quality of life in the quality of life in the United States and nature. Understand so many wonderful collocation, if you find the idea of quality open metrosexual man right?

Springair has been cooperate with mega brads for couple of years, is famous as China manufacture and supplier .

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