Quality Control

Springair Quality Control System

For all processes. Also, Springair-textile Group has passed the WRAP(WORLDWIDE RESPONSIBLE ACCREDITED PRODUCTION, ABOUT WRAP:Headquartered in Arlington, Virginia, USA with offices in Hong Kong and Bangladesh and representatives in India and Southeast Asia, Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production (WRAP) is an independent, objective, non-profit team of global social compliance experts dedicated to promoting safe, lawful, humane and ethical manufacturing around the world through certification and education).Besides these, our company has WOOLMARK,INTERTEK,BSCI and UKAS quality management and environmental management certification.

Springair’s Raw material and auxiliaries

Raw materials and dyeing auxiliaries are strictly controlled from source to ensure to produce high quality product. Springair’s raw material are pure natural fibers which means the quality is highly related to the place of origin and environment.

Take cashmere for instance, Springair adopts the world’s most high quality cashmere in pastoral areas from Qinghai haixi area, Tibet and Mongolia Alxa Left Banner for 30 years, with thinness of only around 15μm and length over 36mm.Wool top and wool are chosen from South Africa, Australia’s merino wool. The thinness is even and the color shade is little.All cottons are long-staple ones with length more than 34mm from Xinjiang. The hand feel is soft; the quality is tough. It is uneasy to deform.All dying auxiliaries are used from the products of American Huntsman Corporation (Original Swiss CIBA Co.,). The grade of environment protection reaches highest level of European Union.


purity is usually regarded as the most important factor for natural raw material. So the storage for raw material is especially important, terrible storage environment will deteriorate the quality of raw material. Storage environment in Springair is strictly controlled for our raw material, yarn and apparel. No contamination and infection are allowed in the storage. Different type of raw materials, yarns are kept in separate warehouses and shelves. 

Fiber cleaning

Since cashmere is pure natural raw material and then it is usually mixed with some other fibers during transporting, regrating and carding when processed from pasturing areas to finished products. At present the most troublesome thing is nylon which is usually mixed in the raw material.Therefore, Springair organizes experienced workers to remove foreign fibers including nylon from dyed raw material before production.


Spinning is the most important procedure of quality control of yarn production. Springair has perfect production environment for spinning. Springair equips air conditioner to maintain year-round constant temperature and humidity (temperature of 28°C-30°C, humidity of 65°C-75°C) for production.

Production equipment

Springair has the world’s most advantageous production equipment and experienced workers for yarn and apparel. The yarn spinning and apparel production equipment are imported from Italy, U.K, Japan and German, etc., providing effective guarantee for product quality.

Production techniques

We all adopt new techniques of low temperature, reducing injuries of fibers, making fabric more elastic. The soft water is used during dying and after treatment, making it more environment protective and luster.

We use re-combing techniques for high count no. materials during spinning, which results in few furs and dots, making it more even and anti-pilling.We use three-dimensional cutting techniques for high-end products during cutting. In this way, the products are more shaped and comfortable for wearing.We take control of every process from raw material, spinning, knitting and linking to guarantee perfect goods to ex-factory.

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