Love is warm and selfless dedication
Beauty is romantic and pleasing to the eye
If there is a choice between love and beauty, which will you choose?

Zhang Lin who engaged in the fashional garment industry nearly 4 years born in 1980s is a independent lady
Optimistic and cheerful, confident and easy-going,
Friends loving and life loving.
She enjoy a free life style,
And also like to show self-confidence under the spotlight.

On the issue of love and beauty, she gives her own answer:

Love is the necessities of life,
There is obstacles in the integrity of life.
Beauty is a romantic living attitude,
To enjoy ourselves and enjoy the texture of life.
Romantic life, only love and beauty can not be lived up to.

She says:
Life is not necessarily full of money,
But must have love and the pursuit of beauty.
If you like floral, then actively study;
Like to take pictures, then enjoy the release of their beauty.

From young to mature, our mother always give us the best thing,
As long as the daughter had fun, even hard work is worth to do
This is love, from deep inside the heart, no need return and reward,
Although tough and obstacles in front, but more kindness and love.

Every one love beauty,
Someone like romantic floral, someone like full of art paintings,
And I like to apparel matching and take pictures,
In front of the camera to show beautiful and confidence, to create our own beauty.

On weekend, wearing a new suit,
With a suitable bag and accessories,
And booking with photographers to take photos, or dating with friends,
With the photo to record scenarios of life, engraved our beauty by photographs.

Beauty is a pleased attitude of self-confidence,
Irrelevant to age,
With a decent clothes,
Inadvertently reveal the elegant flavor,
The beauty revealed by flying sleeves and gorgeous gestures.

What is the most romantic life?
I think to make love the only reason, with the beauty embellished,
The life into a poem, this is the most romantic thing in life.

Zhang Lin’s personal elaboration above, how about your opinion?
Welcome to speak and share your interests and stories
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