Elegant simple color, random outline a few strokes, but it conveys the mood distant, lingering, head of the Institution, giving the visual enjoyment of the infinite. This should give the impression of Chinese ink painting.

Althea language of flowers: gentle insistence. Althea open towards twilight fall, bloom for a short time, but every time is to wither under a more gorgeous open; tenacity, a symbol of the long-suffering and determined to grow stronger, the representative of the eternal beauty!

Tang Dynasty poet, praise Althea: Sa cold dew wind, a sky at dusk. Atrium has a hibiscus flower, wing off the same morning. Song Dynasty poet Kim Peng said that such singing Althea – “Magnolia Qiulu open towards new, quiet Blair said Chambers painted screen clean.”


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Rain or shine, busy watching Pretrial blossom; fate not, Man with the sky Yunjuanyunshu. Poetic pastoral, poetry and painting, confidant it two or three of band. Such comfortable life of leisure that is the number of men of letters, Romantic pursuit of life and dreams?

Style I


635,480,692% wool and 8% cashmere

World Hibiscus cashmere yarn scarves small quiet family, and the light color, beautiful hibiscus, with its life, composed a beautiful and moving chapter. It Wen Wanru south, as it is poetic landscapes, it elegant Qingli, let your beauty appropriately.

Fruitful, time changes, time is running out, the face goes by, not only the United States faded elegance. Years tempting, Kam in glass. Do a simple quiet elegance, sophisticated woman, walking in shallow Enron text, not charming ornaments, a faded glitz, retaining the most valuable pristine quality of life. True beauty has nothing to do with the outside.


Do a beautiful woman, do not dump the country, not Allure, elegant posture, serious attitude to life. Even if there is a loss of loss, even if there is frustration sadness, but also a positive and optimistic attitude in the face of all the sudden storm.


Life is always wanted, only to smell the flowers, talk about the sorrows and joys, tea reading, seize the day. The most suitable for your life is the best life in the world.

Style II


635,480,792% wool and 8% cashmere

Cashmere hand-painted blue family. Lan scarf, fog-shrouded mountains, very ethereal. Instantly bring you back to that illusory fairyland. Elegant light blue, with a touch of beauty of the landscape.


A small blossoming orchids, graceful and elegant, tranquil and elegant, natural charm. If the Valley of Orchids fragrance, and dance like a wizard. Surely it must be a bit worn with special qualities of women, there is the aroma of Lange magical woman. Presumably the same vulgarity and blue, natural temperament.

The United States there are many, or warm and imaginative, or tranquil and restrained, but no high and low points. Not fight do not rob, mind open-minded, humble and soft, so her hardest to make people never forget it.


Women are the most touching beauty is from the inside out with both elegant, but also with extraordinary taste. Not only from the elegant demeanor temperament, but also from the personal qualities needed a cumulative process.

Impression Jiangnan, bridges, gentle tempting, jasper, waterside pavilions, full of poetic. Vaguely wearing a scarf, quiet and graceful woman insisted on paper umbrella, walked in the misty rain blurred, walking light, cheerful pace. Her appearance, and this quaint street form the most beautiful scenery!

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