Cashmere sweater can also wear clothing with the feeling of the couple, cashmere family METTE bring modern urban autumn and winter cashmere sweater series, focused for you and love to create exclusive lovers, let this cold winter also love thick.

See the recent circle of friends
Everyone in the sun happy
Love, get married, the baby’s
Some people put happiness in the mouth
Someone hides love in her heart
Some people love to “wear out”
Today we will demonstrate
How to love “to wear out”

Who says lovers must be installed
Dress exactly the same
Cashmere family METTE teach you
“Advanced Show loving” mode
Dress is not the same
Can also be the same as a couple


Jacquard knit cardigan
A touch of silver and purple
Refined navy blue
The jacquard process
Unique ingenuity
Love and romance is the best comment

Female models round neck design adds soft atmosphere
Men’s V-neck design adds a gentleman charm
Cardigan design
With jeans, casual shoes
Full of youthful literary atmosphere
This wear cashmere sweater
Is not only fashionable and love

Round neck short sleeve pullover + round neck short skirt
Dark green and brick red color
Cold and warm colors between the free switch
Taking into account the body and the value of the free mix
Very suitable for home wear
With the nature, comfortable and comfortable

You around him
Calm, handsome, determined
He’s around you
Confident, beautiful, gentle
Such a tacit understanding

Women round neck long pullover + round neck men pullover
Design of Hand – Gouge at the Neck of Female
Out of the ordinary
Black and silver gray two colors
Are very good match
With a wool scarf
Instant highlight the charm of personality

The pattern of men’s regular geometric pattern jacquard
Adding a sense of three-dimensional and texture
Navy blue and sky blue color hit color
Give cashmere sweater unlimited fashion sense
Classic round neck style
Suitable for a variety of shapes
Leisure business two affordable

Do not wear exactly the same lovers, so carefully with the cashmere sweater, but also wear clothing full of lovers. Cashmere delicate and noble, bring you and he is like a warm love of intimate love care. Italian design, simple and stylish. Gestures between the gas field and understanding, smiles between the full of love, enough to warm the whole winter.

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