Every piece of clothing has its story
From design, selection of materials, patterning to manufacture
From the design of the drawings to the final product
It is cashmere family METTE ingenuity manufacturing process
Craft Carefully bit by bit
Only do the best apparel for most beautiful you

Getting Into the summer, it is time to show fashionable flavor
Also a time to choose pretty clothing on trip
Cashmere family METTE vote the most beloved cool dresses
Shopkeeper recommended: abstract jacquard blouse + asymmetrical hem imitation half skirt

Hangzhou Binjiang shop manager Ella Recommended reason:
Like the style of skirt
Asymmetric design is very popular fashion elements this year
Dignified and lively, with shrimp red T-shirt, looks much younger

Hefei Vientiane City store manager Alina Recommended reason:
The overall mix looks very sweet, fresh
Think this set of super suitable for dating, shopping, party wear
And T-shirt is silk material, elegant, breathable
Summer wear cool body

Nanjing Zhongshan store manager Kelly Recommended reason:
90% of the shop clerk like this suit
Refreshing breathable, upper body effect awesome
Top clothes naturally dressed, with nature and natural
T-shirt tattoo wear, that is obviously thin elegant wind

Tops: 3271030
Featured quality Qiao fabric
Light and elegant, delicate, such as between the quicksand
Surface jacquard outline, vaguely glowing gloss
Revealing a low-key sense of high quality, physical than the picture more beautiful
(Two colors optional: shrimp red, military green)

Half skirt: 4271020
Stylish asymmetric design elements
Personality but dignified temperament
Strict selection of high quality imitation linen fabric
With the dryness of the fabric and the appearance of the style
But also more stable than linen fabric, easy to care
(Two colors optional: khaki, navy)
Cool dresses, the manager recommended by love, the pretty clothing limited edition, you are welcome to shop try, found that different, colorful yourself!

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