In recent days, due to the cold air suddenly struck a nationwide emergence of a large area of cooling phenomenon. Small partners have felt the cold air brings chill, but also to wear Qiuku season, how to get a warm artifact – cashmere coat escort it?


Recommended products: gray suit collar coat
Meet the mature elegance of their own
Profile-shaped stiff, version of mature
The use of cashmere precious delicate
To create a texture with the appearance of woven fashion
Classic suit collar, knee length
Comes with mature intellectual field


Mature capable, significant woman temperament
Handsome tall and straight, but also highlights the gentle temperament of women
The trend of full, interpretation of the modern style of urban girls
Suit collar coat shows the gas field and temperament
Is a kind of hardness and softness of the charm
Applicable to a wide range of occasions


In addition to the basic outline of the wild outside
A buckle design, simple and stylish
The atmosphere of the pocket, beautiful and practical
Loose straight version version
So that leisure has a new definition
METTE brand uphold the consistent
Natural pure, simple and stylish design style
Loose clothing body cover the meat was thin
With a black sweater, dress
Can be beautiful and outrageous


The atmosphere in the gray tone, low-key and advanced
Played domineering comes with neutral wind effect
Suitable for a wider age range
Whether it is newcomers entering the workplace
Or intellectual elegance of the strong woman
Or capable of mature middle-aged women
Can easily control
Piercing out of the ordinary style


With the appearance of woven coat
Cashmere coat and crisp again
Wear more type
Details are reflected at the advanced texture
Autumn cold bleak autumn
With the temperature of cashmere coat with more


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