Research & Development

Innovation & Technology Bring More Efficiency


Companies invest a lot of money in developing product and renewing equipment .The research and development center has more than 10 employees,who are engaged in doing in-depth research and technological innovation of new textilematerial,and new technology.The commercial transformation of the results help the enterprise win the competitive advantage of the market.

Company pays a lot attention to the introducing of talent employees. We has two Italian designer teams, witch include former chief designers of Lacoste and Maxmara.

We has been leading the fashion trend of cashmere in recent years , and the sales volume of one single cashmere family sales outlet, has maintained the highest level during the competitor’s.

Over the years the company has close cooperation with many famous domestic colleges and universities.

We will soon sign a strategic cooperation agreement with the former China Textile University, Donghua University ,for ten years to ensure the conveying fresh blood to the enterprise every year, and make sure the long-term stable and healthy development of enterprise.

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