Experience a variety of silk chiffon, it is time for knitting something, positive summer, soft and is close to the skin of cashmere knitting skirt can be just the beauty of your gentle pushed to the extreme, full texture of the fabric clearly outline curve of your pride.

From the beginning and elegant colors, sweaters with its gentle humility ready to counter attack the hot summer. Simple and elegant clever combination, can be the perfect opening small fresh.

Want to judge whether a high value of clothing, not only to look at its own charm, but also look at the performance of its upper body, the United States is important, but the girls wear more beautiful is the most important. Grey noble and white elegant, let fans, unable to extricate themselves, this will be provocative of knitting, is well deserved autumn Yan value play.


The habit of lace and Eugen hollow yarn, knitted to give you a new watch. Relatively speaking, more soft knitted openwork pattern is more diverse.


If only to knit dress whisper quiet as in the past, when used with female man girls said pressure Alexander, hard button on the head of the top hat can not let myself a panic? But the partial loose knit dress is different, can help you find, you gradually got used to knit tender.

Dress most avoid burdensome, otherwise easily attracted the audience bored, split the design to avoid minefields, to break the boring, slender legs, a chance to prove yourself, swaying charm did not reduce, but seems interested like inadvertently add subtle sexy taste


This is a year of knitting elements hot, want to easily without the burden of street, may wish to consider fashion show thin and curve elongated knitting skirt, say goodbye to the complex texture and regression simple profile and how to wear is lazy woman taste.

METTE Cashmere Family

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