When we wear too much black/gray/white and pure styles

It must be some dull and boring

The live is so great but lack of romantic flavor

Then let’s decorate some printings to our live

Seductive printing is a symbol of color and romance
Different colors and patterns cross by, turnning into a beauty view
Get close to see rich and romance
Get far view to feel more compelling

Breeze warm summer
Dotted with a printed life
Match surrounding landscape
Naturally become the most beautiful present pictorial

(Pictures above are from internet)

Springair Cashmere Family printing series,Elegant with a brilliant style
Both quality, real wear and collocation
Daily wear, shopping, dating, vacation
Easy to open romantic spring and summer enjoyment



Trendy subtropical leaf printing
It is Popular nearly two years in the fashion world
Own romantic holiday atmosphere
It turns fresh flavor in the background of China’s blue color

Simple round neck, outline the soft neck and neck lines
The highlight is the design of the sleeves
Cuffs with the shoulder naturally fall
To create a pure French lazy style



Simple and decent style
Decorative lines and the style are complement each other
Revealing the fashionable modernity
It is a personality, is an attitude


When black printings comparing to colorful printings
It is more fashionable modernity
Daily equipment or as a workplace lady’s clothing
It reveal high-grade clothing feeling easily

Waist shrinking design
Easy slim figure curve
Get one more scarf
It is inadvertent elegant temperament


Bright spring, flowers blossom
Rose powder and wind around the scenery side by side
This time, bring a camera
And loved ones, friends picnic
Engraved the life for the happiest time

Featured high quality silk fabrics
Feel light and soft
Both excellent air permeability and skin degree
Give you an ordinary dress to enjoy

Late spring season
Take a T-shirt turn to beauty easily
It could also be used as a sunscreen when summer came
A clothing to wear, no worry and effort


Multi-color decorate the clothing
Sketched out Europe and the United States fashionable noble temperament
Like printing, but more seductive and fit skin better

100% cashmere material
Soft and delicate
Simple profile effect
Readily wear, it turns a shape

one piece turns to multiple clothing
As cloak, coat, shawl all hold live
Seasonal alternating, temperature alternating weather or room
Give you full of lovers like intimate warmth

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