Before we talked about the coats to wear, and later collected a bit of everyone’s problems. The most important thing is: “scarves and coats how to match.” Well, today is to say that the two classic collocation.

01, the color of the scarf
The most basic black and white ash
All-match classic, timeless
Essential color, you must have




Elegant gray temperament has lasting appeal. The most important thing is all-match without pressure.

This is the most important color in autumn and winter
If you don’t start with a camel coat
The camel must remember with scarf
Easy to take out the senior texture


In addition to the classic all-match color
The red scarf is the most recommended.
Suction eye index absolutely perfect, improve temperament no words


In addition to solid color scarf
Vintage England Plaid must say
Elegant temperament is outstanding, is also popular


02, scarf material selection
Wool scarf
The pure wool scarf, can sell out every year. Minimalist style, simple, comfortable, and wool coat material is also very easy collocation.


Thick knitted scarf
Thick knitted scarf, soft texture
With a gentle elegant coat temperament


03, scarves and coats with the color

Camel + Black
No matter how look more expensive than others, of course, the camel has its wild advantage
Camel scarf can make up for too low-key dark lines
Conservative girls to try!


Beige + black
Than the beige light beige, more tender
Always give a clean impression
And black with, it looks warm


Black + red
Chinese people have a kind of indescribable love of red
Red color looks very festive
With pure black, great temperament


With the color layering
If you hate to wear the same as others
Hate in the vast sea of no recognition
Then the following level of wear law is for you

Select and camel coat with the color of the scarf
Scarf color and coat color is not the same
Even more fashionable


There is a layering with a more display skill
Light blue scarf with dark blue coat
If you want the depth of exchange is also possible


Yellow camel
Yellow, it is very suitable for winter
To easily highlight black and gray lines:
Especially with the same color of the scarf
Will make you look full of vitality



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