In the winter scarf position can not be underestimated, but in recent years more and more popular cashmere scarf. Soft and sweet texture, do not need cumbersome system of law, just around the two circle can go out, it is suitable for the fast pace of life now. In the plain cashmere scarf can also be named all-match single product, whether it is a down jacket or woolen coat, even in the house is also very suitable collocation sweater, pullover.

The random match of the scarf is a more natural way of collocation, in life is the most common. If you are a pure color long scarf, it is a long coat and jeans, casual scarves can be draped over the shoulder before and after. Let the scarf fringed wanton dancing, looked very comfortable, casual look is natural.


Scarves mix principle is also very good, the main show is a kind of affinity, not feeling. Scarves mix of words, such as a clean shirt and suit jacket, presents a kind of elegance, this is more suitable for men. If it is equipped with a thick woven wool scarf, so it will form a strong contrast between the collision, will increase the visual effect.


Plain clothes collocation printing scarf, the scarf is to pay attention to the principle of at least one color and the color of clothes, clothes and scarves are printing, color collocation to have the main side of. But if the clothes and scarves are the direction of the printing, printing, scarves and clothing should avoid printing repeated phenomenon, but also to avoid clothes and stripes, lattice direction.


Long scarf with a certain skill. For example, it no collar clothes, it can be a long scarf in the neck around, one after the scarf hangs down naturally. With European style designs of solid color scarf, usually with some piece of the leisure suit, it looks a sense of hierarchy and extraordinary temperament.

It is difficult to have any items like this scarf Jimei in a practical view, be the most changeful. Although winter is all season to reflect the most fashionable collocation skill, sense season, but don’t have pressure, because of the complexity of the various items piled up actually completely unnecessary, sometimes just to wear a scarf, you can instantly Master influx of coffee in various talent shows itself.

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