The little goat which born in the beautiful Tibet, has a white and lovely face, cute and clever, often praised by uncles and aunts as “school tyrants””.

Happy summer vacation, The goats like playing with partners in the vast grassland, enjoy the tender grass. And now near the school, goats kids received close play heart began to adjust to the learning state.

At this time, the goat has just finished his homework and proudly said to his mother, “I am now in grade two, but I have already done grade five homework. “have a look at my homework. Isn’t it great?”

Question one, What do you like best about yourself?

I like this thin layer of fine hair on my skin best. Mother said, this is when we were born, nature gave Tibet goats precious gift, just like the baby’s skin as smooth, winter can resist the wind and cold, and protect the peace and health of the goat.

Question two, does goats only produce cashmere?

Yes. There are various sheep in the world, goats, antelope, argali and so on, only goat has soft cashmer . And my kind of sheep, which produces slightly coarse wool, is only 1/10 worth of cashmere!

Question three: why is cashmere so valuable?

Cashmere grow only in the winter cold, spring warming after the fall, people used iron comb gently grasping cashmere from our body. A goat produces only a few grams of cashmere a year, and these dozens of grams of cashmere can be made into less clothing by processing. So it takes at least 12 goats a year for cashmere to make a good cashmere sweater.

I heard my mother said that cashmere yield is very rare (only accounted for 0.2% of the total output of the world animal fiber), and the quality and warm feature is first-class, people trade cashmere by kilogram.

Question four: is there any other functions beside warmth of cashmere?

Cashmere is a pure natural protein fiber, and cashmere fabric can not only keep warm, but also improve people’s deep sleep at a rate of 25% plus.

Cashmere sweater: 8274029

The cashmere with strong moisture absorption is not easy to generate static electricity, and is less easily stained with dirt and dirt, thereby reducing the life cycle of mites. Therefore, cashmere fabrics are suitable for babies, asthma, rheumatism patients and old people.

Cashmere sweater: 8274078

Cashmere sweater: 8274065

Question five: short composition “my hometown”

The goat is located in the north of Tibet, the hinterland of the Tibet is our home. With more than 300 million acres of grassland, it can be said to be a pure pasture, patches of green grass, vast and clean, coupled with the clear river water, the goats were brought up in vain, fat, smooth smooth.

Tibet, the average elevation of 4500 meters above the unusually cold winter, the temperature difference between day and night, the growth in the body to warm cashmere grew finer and more warm, so the quality is better than Shandong, cashmere!

Precious cashmere get off the our goats, made into yarn, made into extremely soft cashmere sweater, to bring people endless warmth, but also to make home rich and healthy.

Cashmere sweater: 8374025

Today the sky blue, river clear, grassland green, goats are healthy and happy in growth, I love my hometown!

Green environment nourishes and grows sheep
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