Hot summer will soon be over, cool autumn has arrived. Also means those beautiful summer clothes and put them in the closet to be closed until next summer comes again reunited with us! So summer clothing of different fabrics, to take the kind of storage method storing it?

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Silk clothing storage

Silk, generally refers to silk, including silk, virgin silk, castor silk and so on. For silk garments, how to store it seasonal? Put clean clothes, silk clothing is always a kind of fear of pressure, fear of scraping the problem, so we can choose some very soft material inside and outside the storage box for collection. To avoid generating difficult to recover fold silk clothing is pressed on to the silk clothes on the top, on top put a few pieces of the lining or moisture agent to reduce the ingress of moisture, so do not worry about the laundry is scraping wire or damp moldy.

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In addition, silk clothing is best mounted storage, keep dry. And hung in a dark place to avoid direct exposure to the fabric that is light and yellow. As with Georgette, Crepe fabrics produced clothing, not long-term hang put, to avoid its own weight becomes longer, so clothing deformation.

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To put the wardrobe mothballs, insect repellent, but it must be with a cloth, put a little away from the position of the clothes, not in direct contact with silk clothing. Should not be used when storing iron racks to prevent rusting of iron contamination and should be easy to avoid discoloration or staining of items stored together.

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Also note that, in the clothing outside the mask layer of plastic bags to preserve the practice is not desirable, because this natural silk fibers need to “breathe”, and this approach will lead to clothes airtight and moisture. In order to avoid dust or silk clothing and other clothing contact and cross-color, you can use fine woven fine cloth for a dust cover, cover the outside of silk clothing.

Cotton, hemp clothing storage

Cotton, hemp clothing more concerned about fading, staining problems, not with silk-like clothes and other clothing materials mixed stacking. So, after cotton clothes dry cleaned, stacked flat, the shades of color clothes stored separately. Needs to be stressed is that when white clothes and dark clothes separately stored best to prevent staining or yellowing.

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Cotton clothing, should put some mothballs, moisture, mold, mothballs are available in plastic bags after into the closet. And regularly check the closet, keep dry, pay attention to ventilation. It can also be dry cleaned clothes folded and stored in a dedicated storage pocket cotton clothing, and in a dry, cool, well-ventilated place.

Chemical fiber garments storage

Stretch it, wash eyes like pure polyester clothing will not vermin, but prone to insect repellent with the chemical reaction, causing the fibers swell, the clothes appear broken and, therefore, should not put insect repellent when pure polyester clothing collection. Wool-polyester, cotton-polyester blend clothing and the like, containing wool and cotton content visualization laundry, put a small amount appropriate insect repellent.

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Chemical fiber garments washed iron, flat, not long-term hanging in the closet, lest elongation deformation. Do not put mothballs in the closet, because the main component of mothballs binaphthol volatile, and chemical fiber products chemical reaction may occur, resulting in damage to clothes.

Wool, cashmere clothing storage

Through wool, cashmere clothing because when the season should be stored, it must undergo washing, ironing, dry and then save. This can reduce mold borers conditions and scope of activities, but also insect sterilization. Wool, cashmere store, underwear folding, bagging folded flat. Should not hang, so as not to drape deformation, and to avoid mixed with other items with bags, to prevent fading.

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Storage of wool, cashmere products contain a lot of natural protein, pay attention to shading. Should always be ventilated, beat the dust, to damp, and not exposure. Because wool, cashmere is a natural fiber, which is easy to be moth-eaten. To prevent this, drying off cashmere, wool products use a clean plastic bag to be sealed storage camphor. At the same time four weeks into the wardrobe mildew, moth tablets, so cashmere products damp moldy bred worms. But avoid direct contact with the cashmere sweater moth agent.

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It will been Cool autumn, and is the time to embrace the cashmere sweater. Before wearing the old cashmere sweater or dresses again in the cool weather, you can first take the cashmere sweater out in soft light or cool and ventilated environment, but avoid the cashmere and wool products in sun glare.

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