A long cardigan in a single product, can accompany you through the autumn. From the cool early autumn to autumn cold, a long cardigan in warm and handsome can be beautiful, full of energy, outstanding temperament. Don’t believe it? You see,
All the stars are wearing.


Earlier, Ni Ni was wearing a black Gucci long cardigan coat collocation simple white T-shirt, ripped jeans, sunglasses concealed, leisure casual, simple atmosphere. Exquisite embroidery adds a sense of senior, not only the high value of the goddess of the goddess, clothing products are also like!



Ni Ni’s private servers prefer minimalist style, detailed design of the clothes. Brown Knit Cardigan collocation, navy blue dress, the goddess of skin white beauty, outstanding temperament, casual styling can seckill all concave. As the goddess said: “the work should be enterprising, leisure should be naughty.”



Recently, Song Jia dressed in a long white knitting cardigan collocation chain coming out of the airport, folk style chain and folk style knitted slippers, folk style elements show ingenuity adds a touch of bright and warm tones of autumn aura. Neat short hair, full of personality, concealed in black, it is revealed with full of beautiful fan.



Shortly before the exposure of Liu Yifei wearing a rainbow knitting cardigan street, in a simple white T, wearing baggy jeans, wearing a baseball cap, fresh and aging, handsome and fashionable. There was no side Yan beauty angel cry?



Yang Mi is also a long cardigan like powder, long cardigan appearance rate is very high in it. Earlier it was wearing a red striped long cardigan, white, beige skirt collocation T full screen, long legs, youth and fashion!


This camel knitted cardigan, black T-shirt collocation letters around, showing the life of Yang Mi casual side. Other smaller and more delicate handbag collocation with the color of the high-heeled shoes, seemingly casual yet elegant, highlighting the goddess temperament.


In autumn, it is time for our long sweater to wear!





When the soft skin of cashmere, meet a low-key gentle purple brown, simple profile. The ride can choose white or the same color rendering and shorts, also can dress collocation. Show mature elegant temperament, let you in this autumn is no longer monotonous shape.


Free collar design, so that this paragraph is more casual. A grayish to dark gray gradient, beauty of rhythm and rhythm. If you are pursuing a minimalist style, so low-key western style senior grey, can meet your needs.


Free collar design, so that this paragraph is more casual. A grayish to dark gray gradient, beauty of rhythm and rhythm. If you are pursuing a minimalist style, so low-key western style senior grey, can meet your needs.


The big red cardigan, red passion as I liberal and dignified, prolonged. Autumn and winter break the silence, adds a vigor and vitality, collocation of white or black pants, capable of properly commuting wind. Can also be paired with white T, shorts, full of vitality, while now, red up!


A long cardigan coat, stylish enough to light the whole autumn red brick. Collar design, simple atmosphere. Simple lines, modified body curve. Outline form simple and generous, rough crazy without losing elegance.


Collocation of geometric patterns long sweater, color design shirt, more fashionable degree. Can also dress collocation and leisure base, can be RETRO art, also with the nature of leisure. What is still hesitant, and quickly start it!


Interesting, all-match, comfortable and classic. We always switch between different roles, the sweetness of life in the workplace, the workplace OL fan. A long cardigan, highlighting the intellectual fashion leisure attitude, and penetrates the femininity of understated elegance.

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