Fashion people say black represents mystery
People say that avant-garde black represents Cool
Mature people say black represents solemn
It modeling Variety
everyone likes them
Black gives the impression that
Mysterious sexy low-key athletic


As if the silence of the night
Seemingly calm but hidden strength
Like dark eyes
Smart affectionate
Comparable Beautiful Black Swan
Deemed Elf Moonlight


Everyone says black
Foolproof changing
In the fashion industry
It’s really timeless
You can ice queen avatar
It can also be turned sexy enchantress


Avatar can have cool handsome type of fashion
You can transform attitude of thousands of elegant goddess
It has a kind of magic
Whether you are what capacity
It can be the perfect show
Everyone’s different temperaments

1) Blouse collar dress

▲ 2260011 60% Linen 40% Silk

Everybody wants to have a can
Rightly was thin dress
Shirt dress is such a perfect single product
Do not pick the body
But also help you perfect body modification
Simple lines
Outline the contours of the body
Dress for summer wear shirt
Definitely more than thin so simple

A British study showed
People like to wear black clothes
It was thought to have confidence intelligent
Quality small sexy
Even a black
Still wild fashion styles

2) Women’s short-sleeved dress

▲ 3260031 100% silk


Black lace dress
Ethereal fashion
Lips red high heels black dress
Shawl golden wavy hair
Interpretation of the ultimate sexy
Waist tether design
Facilitate women wearing different body
Silk fabrics
Soft, breathable
Give you unlimited cool


3) Women’s short-sleeved shirt

▲ 3260032 100% silk

Women’s short-sleeved rules
Silk refreshing
Perfect fit skin
Summer is a loose T-shirt
Indispensable to a single product
Wild classic easy to wear
The perfect companion shopping cart
you deserve to have It


White represents purity
Red represents passion
Purple represents romantic
Blue represents Classic
So it black
Sexy mysterious deep
Or solemn and elegant mature

4) Women’s jacket with long sleeves

▲ 2260012 60% Linen 40% Silk

Women’s Slim shirt with long sleeves
Personalized fashion
Shengkou design unique and intimate
Facilitate women wearing different body
Which take a small vest
Both cool and fashionable
Casual pants with wide leg pants
Under tight capable on a wide neutral


Inclusive of craftsmanship
Cast simple fashion a single product
Personality avant-garde, with long sleeves shirt
Elegant dress trend
Simple atmospheric T-shirts
Nowadays prevailing shirt dress
All tell early summer sexy passion
And fascinated colorful romantic


Springair Mette Cashmere Family
Mystery Sexy Understated
Low-key luxury, high-end atmosphere, charm sexy black cashmere family storm is staged! ! A lot of style, fashion and elegant, like a family to go to cashmere store to buy it!

All Apparel above can be customized and OEM lable, Springair has been cooperate with mega brads for couple of years, is famous as China manufacture and supplier .

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