Near the summer, but also to wear a dress to dress the United States and the season, and this time, the star of the “movement of the wind” is also popular, not diet, do not eat slimming tea, they, natural way,

Strength to send actor: Sun Li, born in 1982, as two children’s hot mom, has always insisted on sports, Pilates shape the body, yoga self-cultivation, to naturally exercise to keep supple and slim figure, young people forget She is a 35-year-old mother.

Close to the microblogging female Yao Yao postpartum fitness, 20 days to restore a good stature, spirits to participate in activities; national daughter Liu Tao adhere to the movement, still keep slim figure, radiant, beautiful people heart.

Exercise: limb stretching, natural sweating, body relaxation at the same time more healthy shape good body. Beautiful early summer, may wish to seize the opportunity to make their own beauty, and fashion stars with the movement it. Xiaobian recommend a set of easy and efficient fat reduction exercise, do not have to go to the gym, every day move, until the summer, the United States into a pictorial!
1, supine legs cross

Supine in the yoga mat, hands on both sides of the body, two legs straight up to do the left and right alternating movement.

2, supine alternate kick

Hands clinging to the back, playing to the knees, with the knee forward and head rotation, do the alternate kick.

3, supine abdomen

Knees bent into 90 degrees, close together, calf and the ground parallel to his hands after the curse to do the front of the roll action.

4, supine abdomen

Legs separated from a certain angle, knees bent feet, his hands close together, forward bending the upper body at the same time, arms stretched between the legs.

5, supine leg lift

Supine, arms stretched out on both sides of the body, legs and straightened up to 90 degrees and then put down.

6, prone start

Hands support in front of the prone, pay attention to the back and legs to keep a straight line is not sag or uplift, two legs were kneeling pedal.

7, supine on the legs

Supine, arms on both sides of the body to play a supporting role, legs close together, with the knee bending and stretching, the toe to the sky.
TIPS: more than seven groups of actions, can do 45 to 60 seconds, the middle of the rest of 30 seconds, each time to do four groups; before the exercise, remember to do a good job of warm-up to prevent sports injuries, to ensure better sports The Sports is the best way to communicate with the heart, with vitality and temperament grade life, feel the texture of life.

When you relax or give up the idea of ​​giving up, may wish to imagine yourself wearing elegant dress posture, skirt patchwork, extremely romantic

Until the summer bloom, wearing a long skirt, stroll in the beautiful nature, and flowers comparable to the dance with the disc.

Or put on a lively half skirt, sweet pink embellishment, the release of the heart of the girl has long been feeling, at this moment, and his beloved to a romantic date, back to love time.

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