There is no doubt that everyone is in the autumn and winter some non single product shirts, no matter in a single wear is the best choice. A full texture of the shirt, can wear elegant, sexy, cool and other flavor. And the shirt is the first standard to test whether a person is going to wear it!
Shirt with jeans
Shirt and jeans are always the most classic and chic combination, do not bother to dress up, you will be able to fashion without effort. Want to wear a good figure, simple collocation high-heeled shoes and ankle boots or naked, can make you fashionable double index.


Shirt with shorts
Although it was autumn, but there are still many places the sun was shining as if still in summer, and quickly seize the summer tail with shirts and shorts to the show legs addiction! However, since it has been followed by a large and tall method of moderate dew skin principle of the leg show out, then the shoe is in fact only need to match the casual style of a foot pedal or white shoes can be fashionable and comfortable!


A shirt with a pencil skirt
Love woman style buddies or workplace family, belong to the blouse and pencil skirt combination recommended, to figure the outline, full of charm. Simple entry workplace choose dark style, more temperament. In the daily mix, whether it is printed, cowboy or lace elements of style, are to enhance the fashion of a good choice.


Shirt with short skirt
The shirt all-match real wear, mainly because it can control the different style. So, when you buy a new skirt but do not know how to match, the shirt will be your best choice.


Wide Leg Pants / trousers, shirt collocation
Wide leg pants as a fashionable tool significantly higher thin, not only can be modified leg type is not perfect to create a good proportion, and more shirt collocation can add gas bursting. In particular, white shirt, striped shirt and white broad leg pants with more can help you easily ride the workplace.


Shirt with long Ma Jia
In this season, the temperature difference between morning and evening, in fact, the long waistcoat than other more wear coats. Without a doubt, the shirt is the best choice.


no addition to the most common black and white ash, here I would like to recommend two kinds of Collocation: light blue shirt collocation light grey vest, simple and full of advanced texture; the most common winter khaki, fawn, brown, and denim shirt is a heaven-made match.



Basic mix is the most test grade, the shirt is not quickly learn to wear a ride up!

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