Silk, is the upper fabric, from natural, light and smooth; imitation linen fabric, hemp fabric dry features, but more easy to care than linen fabric. Silk and imitation elegant encounter, bring different cool feeling in hot summer, that hot feeling soon disappeared.

Cashmere family METTE shopkeeper recommended special, the most fashionable cool suit, shopkeeper consistent recommendation, silk shirt + imitation half pants, with silk ribbon, elegant can be OL style, two models wear casually.

Shanghai Yangpu shop manager Mary Recommended reason:
Cost-effective high fashion suit,
With a long silk ribbon,
A set of clothes to create two shapes.
Scarves around the neck neck, very urban women’s elegant temperament,
Remove the scarf, it is capable of the workplace style.

Nanjing World Trade Binjiang shop manager Lisa Recommended reason:
The more tasty the more people feel heart,
Top V Collar + Unilateral Lapel Design,
Very fashionable highlights;
Pants for the imitation Ma material, feel soft and dry,
Smooth natural lines, wear super type!

Hangzhou Binjiang shop manager Ella Recommended reason:
Hangzhou into the hot and humid rainy season,
A silk dress and then fit,
Breathe breathable, comfortable and comfortable.
Loose version of the type, naturally with the nature,
Coupled with streamers, it is elegant fashion Fan.

Top: 3271055
Carefully selected 100% silk fabrics
Feel light and smooth
Excellent hygroscopicity brings freshness to enjoy
A little gloss, but also revealed high grade
Two colors optional: possession of green, pink

Small V collar unilateral design
Inadvertently reveal fashionable style
With the same material silk long streamer
Wrap around the neck or remove the stream
Elegant temperament and skillful workplace wind wear

Imitation pants in the pants (pants): 4271018
Fine cut, to create smooth lines
Wearing more thin body
Strict selection of high quality imitation linen fabric
With a dry feel and appearance of linen fabric
But also more stable than linen fabric, easy to care
Two colors optional: beige, deep blue

Cashmere family METTE fashion package, with silk ribbon, limited ex-gratia, while stocks last. Fast action, step get your modern shape.

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