Popular in wechat, the drama “my former life” has ended, in addition to the plot and the marriage topic of concern, the middle two independent female Actress No. 1 “Tangjing” clothing style are popular, and even called the” workplace dress textbook” in China.

No bright colors, even black and white, can wear in the fashionable urban OL style. The simple white shirt, the best quality suit coat, and the exquisite accessories, vividly show the high OL women  flavor of in the workplace.

Workplace wear no longer gorgeous, focus on simplicity, style and texture. This is precisely TangJing’s dressing technique, coincidentally same with the cashmere family METTE pursues the texture idea.

Hereby, the cashmere family METTE orchestrated the most voted quality manager recommended: OL suit, beige shirt + stretch pants. If you are a close friend, you will be the most qualified guardian.

Shanghai Yangpu store manager “Mary” recommended reasons
The more view the more attractive the shirt suit is
Design of silk net stitching for shoulder
Create a hint of a woman’s indistinct taste
Bring a new sense of life to the workplace
Well tailored and well made of fabric
It shows the high quality of city women high-end flavor

Hangzhou Binjiang store manager “Ella” recommended reasons
Enter the workplace for nearly ten years
I always like to wear simple, textured styles
For example, the set of beautiful clothes, small slit neckline design
Concise display of fashionable female image of workplace
Long sleeve style, it covers arm fat very much
It’s better to dress in the air-conditioned room and on the plane
It is autumn, but also pose a variety of collocation.

Wuhan wansongyuan shop manager “Tina” recommended reason
Good clothes in your hand always touches you
The shirt is light, soft and very textured
Comfortable and without pressure
The elastic pants is very good
It not only decorate leg
It’s easy to bend occasionally and go upstairs

Long sleeve shirt: 4271046
A small slit neckline design
Add a lot of fashionable detail highlights
Shoulder silk mesh stitching
Create a touch of femininity
For the workplace life brings other wonderful

Stretch pants: 7271012
Selected high-quality cotton fiber fabric
Comfortable and without stimulation
Add 5% spandex elastic fiber
Have good flexibility, more agile action
Two colors: blue, beige for option

A good clothing, such as intimate partner, give you the most intimate guardian. Cashmere family METTE quality-oriented shirt suit, limited quantity preferential promotion, stop at sold out, welcome to store collection to get your exclusive beauty clothing.

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