Hot summer season, air conditioning has become a necessity for people to cool, whether it is in the workplace, leisure time at home, with it to sweep away the muggy climate. But people can feel the slightest chill when stay long time in cool air-conditioned room, cold wind invade people’s body.

So, people can keep warm & healthy when having such a suit to deal with the cold air-conditioned room. Cashmere family METTE summer special offer, the most suitable suit for air-conditioned room, the manager recommended: all-match thin cardigan + elastic pants to the intimate temperature care of your high-quality life.

Hangzhou Binjiang shop manager Ella recommended reason
I went out less when being such a hot season,
Stay in the air-conditioned room for more than 10 hours,
So a suitable summer suit is very important to me.
Cardigan is made of ultra-thin cashmere wool silk blended fabric,
Hand touch is very soft and very light,
Can be packed in the bag,
Take it out and dress up when i feel cold, super convenient.

Cardigan: 5271032 Pants: 7271012 Scarf: 1152103

Shanghai Nandan store manager Iris recommended reason
The more enjoy ( cashmere suit ), the more people like a set of pretty clothing.
For example: cardigan sleeve-shrinking design,
Well against chilly wind of air conditioning,
Intimate care shoulder bone joints,
Especially suit for for long-term people in the air-conditioned room.
If you want to be more elegant,
Get a scarf on!

Nanjing Zhongshan store manager Kelly recommended reason
The suit is very strong.
If you are open enough,
Direct wear sling bra, enjoy the cool modern feeling;
In the cold air-conditioned room,
Put on cardigan will have a full intimate temperature;
When season turns to early autumn, cardigan can also be dressed with a variety of pretty skirts.

Cardigan is ultra-thin style
Soft touch, comfotable
Placket design
A little bit detail, more elegant style
Placket and collar with special weave
Weaving exquisite visual beauty

Pants made of selected high-quality cotton fiber
Wearing comfortable, not exciting
Add 5% spandex elastic fibers
Have a good flexibility, act more lighter
Waistband zipper and elastic belt design
Easy to cope with the plump body on the holiday

Cashmere family METTE air-conditioned room essential set, quantity limited discount, closed when sold out.

Only 1 day in mid-year VIP member annual week celebrating.

Some of the METTE spring/summer suit discount is 50% off.

50 off when bill amount over 500 yuan.

150 off when bill amount over 1000 yuan.

200 off when bill amount over 1500 yuan.

300 off when bill amount over 2000 yuan.

Rare opportunity Do not miss it!

Design based on simple fashion
Cashmere family METTE from nature
Featured high quality raw materials
And to harsh environmental standards to be recycled
Abandon the complex design, showing the beauty of nature
Designed for the pursuit of quality of life of the city elite
Provide a comfortable commuter experience

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