In the midsummer, cashmere family METTE has designed two hundred pretty clothing for the beauties nearly , covering the texture of silk series, cool cotton, linen, light cashmere series, to the spirit of craftsmen, to create urban light luxury to entertain.

Bright summer, is the skirt world, it is the printing season. Cashmere family METTE special offer the most favorite printing dress. Shopkeeper recommended: such as the art of walking elegant – ink printing dress.

Hangzhou Wenhui shop manager: Alisa recommended
Seen a lot of pretty skirt,
Only this most let me heart!
Abstract prints are good style,
Like a colorful waterfall,
Very elegant style of our Chinese style, near the ultra-beautiful.

Chengdu Shu Han shop manager: Carry Recommended
At first glance is attracted by chic art sense of printing,
When you touch this dress,
Fabric texture even more surprising,
Excellent breathable, light feel,
Wear fresh and comfortable, no pressure.

Shanghai Nandan shop manager: Iris recommended
Like dress design,
The atmosphere revealed exquisite style;
Loose version of the type, very fat friends wearing a very thin,
Slim you wear is casual fashion,
Want to be thin effect, the Department of a belt on the pretty like it!

White Print Dress: 2271027
Featured Silk Fabrics Blended Fabrics
Both breathable linen
There are silk light texture

Rear collar V-type design
Delicate and unique, filling the beauty of women’s neck
Chic abstract prints
Low-key implication soft style
Distance is the introduction of elegant elegance

Dyeing the wind, refining elegance. Cashmere family METTE elegant country wind dress, limited ex-gratia, while stocks last, invites you to shop try to buy.

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