Cashmere family METTE to the natural fabric, outline the city life. Light silk, silky enjoyment; soft cotton and linen, cool and warm; warm cashmere, love to rain, to love care, will give you back to the new joy and comfortable dress to enjoy.

1 silk care

Silk known as the “fiber queen”, with its unique charm has been favored by the ages. Feel smooth and smooth, with good hygroscopicity, heat dissipation, summer wear cool, smooth.
Buy silk clothing to pay attention to purchase than their original size 2 to 4 cm, so comfortable to wear, and not easy to damage silk silk fiber.

Can choose dry cleaning or hand washing, must not machine wash.
Hand washing should be the opposite of washing, in the cold water into a small amount of neutral detergent or silk special detergent, stir well and then into the clothing; and clothes soaking time should not exceed 5 minutes.
After gently rubbing, add the spoonful of vinegar in the water, the color of the clothes is brighter.
Can not be wring dry, in the cool and ventilated side of the natural drying is better.
If not ironing, can be done when the clothes Qicheng dry touch can be; ironing should be selected low-temperature reverse ironing,
Remember not to use detergent, laundry soap, soap and other alkaline supplies washing, should be color separation washed, to avoid shuffling.

Silk clothing should be washed before the collection, ironing, dry, the best stacked, wrapped with cloth, and other clothes placed separately.
As the silk fabric moisture absorption is good, it must be placed in a dry shelter at night storage.
May be appropriate to place insecticides, and insect repellent cloth with a good, do not directly contact clothing.
Such as a long time do not wear, should be properly out to breath, to prevent mildew.

2 cotton and linen care

Linen fabric environmental protection, breathable, summer wearing fresh, comfortable, and its superior cost-effective to become the hearts of consumers, and pure natural fabrics also need careful care before durable wear.
Be careful not to pull when wearing too large, and should be diligent in the wash, to avoid wearing a long time.

The best choice for hand washing, machine wash easy to deformation, wrinkle; if no time hand wash, it is recommended to place in the laundry bag, choose a soft machine wash.
Use neutral detergent or special laundry liquid cold water washing, linen fabric should not use hard brush and hard rub, so as not to fluffy cloth. Washing time should not exceed 30 minutes. And should be color water washing, to avoid string color.
After washing is completed, do not sun exposure, dry in the wind, you can dry naturally.
Cotton linen clothing generally use 160 ℃ -180 ℃ in the temperature ironing.

Summer rainy season, cotton and linen clothing washed, dried after ironing to be stacked flat, color separation.
Before the collection should be washed clothes dry hanging, or wrapped with a special cotton and linen clothing bag, stored in a cool, dry and ventilated place.
To prevent the moldy, avoid the damp, hot, non-ventilated environment and keep the wardrobe clean.

3 cashmere care

Cashmere is a very rare animal fiber, known as the “soft gold” of it, with its gentle warm, graceful features, much favored by the nobility, but also because of the delicate characteristics of the other preferential treatment.
When wearing, choose a smooth coat for the best, and try to keep the clothes clean.
Wear, try to reduce the friction with the hard objects (such as: sleeves and desktop) to reduce the ball.
Do not pull hard hook, vigorously pull, so as not to take off, open the hole.

Wash can choose dry cleaning or hand washing, must not be machine wash.
Before washing, expose the cashmere dresses from the inside to the outside and soak for 15-20 minutes with a foamed 35 ° C neutral lotion (shower gel, shampoo or cashmere special detergent).
Wash, hand gently rubbing, and then wash with warm water two or three times, the last time the water washing, can be placed in the amount of vinegar or softener, feel better.
After washing, tiling dry, do not hang dry, so as not to deformation.
Ironing pad wet towel, with 120 ℃ -140 ℃ iron ironing, to avoid damage to clothing.

Cashmere clothing should be washed, ironing, dry after storage, it is recommended stacked good bag flat, should not hang, to prevent drape deformation, and avoid mixing with other items with the bag.
Storage of cashmere clothing attention shading, to prevent fading, and every time for a fade, avoid exposure, so as not to damage the fiber.
Collection bag is best to place bag desiccant or moth-proof film, cashmere family dedicated camphor wood is also a good choice.

Design based on simple fashion
Cashmere family METTE from nature
Featured Excellence in Raw Materials
And to the highest environmental standards to be recycled
Abandon the complex design, showing the beauty of nature
Designed for the pursuit of quality of life of the city elite
Provide a comfortable, commute wear experience

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