All the styles for decades are not playing a few new tricks of things, fashion development to the present point, do not think that humans can study what the magic shape of the coat, the new pattern has long been playing no, let’s head People are not idle. Even if a little something, but also in the following types of coats on the basis of the play only:

H-type coat

Nothing to say, straight up and down through in the end. The safest style is two: suit and hooded. Almost no possibility of error, a small round neck collar, narrow shoulder, big chest do not try it easy.


A coat

Lovely girl’s favorite friends, has been widely welcomed by the female cape coat, of course, is A-type.


A type of coat is the focus of the chest below the pendulum part of the lines as simple as possible

If it is a cloak section, with the main points there are two.

First, the lower body must be packed neat, shorts, shorts and pants like the best, how simple and how to wear thin


Second, the cape is the best companion hat!

In the dress collocation, hat and cape is the perfect partner, both retro and fashionable, both Jiaoqiao and girls, the world does not know how to match the cloak to look good smart girl will wear a hat.


Y-type coat

Now a lot of swept cocoon-shaped profile O-coat are also just this type of evolution:


Y-coat is the past two years, almost all the focus of fashion brand development object, but in fact, in all coats, it is the highest cut requirements, it is definitely a bad cut, it becomes old jacket!

In addition, Y-type coat on the wearer’s body is also more critical, but to say that there is only one focus: the legs should be long enough. The legs are not long? Wear high heels chant!


X-type coat

I know this is outdated, I know. The world’s brands are rushing to do cocoon coat, X-type coat did not design difficult, not fashionable.

But the favorite coat is still X-type. Never wrong, how to take all; and consequently do not need a woman, on a X-type waist coat will be able to have feminine and temperament.


Do not give up the X-type, you have disguised X-type sub-optimal – with belt style, waist also received, the trend also accounted for, do both, not a little lost to whom.

Look at it, the trend will turn back


Coat relative to other single product requirements on the body is not so high, so a wide range of options, the above four models basically everyone can buy each, but also please follow the following several principles:

Chest girls do not easily wear double-breasted buttoned or horn buttoned the door of the coat

Unless it is off significantly large wear flat chest, or itself is “would rather be in December cold wind blowing into the Arctic Ocean will never buckle coat button” strongman, otherwise, big chest girls do not wear double breasted and horns Buttoned overcoat.


Not good shoulder line don’t wear one-piece sleeve or drop shoulder sleeve design coat

Here the “shoulder line is not good enough”, including slippery shoulders and narrow shoulders. The so-called one-piece sleeves, as the name suggests, the body and sleeves together into a child, fall rotator cuff is actually almost the same effect.



You know, the most important coat, one material, two lines, no lines, it tens of thousands of pieces of coats do not make sense.

Height less than 1.55m do not easily wear longer than the thigh style, the coat itself is already large enough, and petite people have been stuffed inside some reluctantly.

So, if the thigh looks longer than a baby wrapped in a pencil in the head inside the feeling, especially if the proportion is not good enough, more inappropriate.


If not industrious Do not buy a black coat

Black coat of course good-looking and necessary, however! As long as the sticky hair, I’m sorry, small cute, even if you buy a million pieces of Max Mara, also the same price.
All black, including the navy blue coat need to be properly dressed and care, can not do not buy, we go honestly buy camel beige gray.



Womens wardrobe is the most worthy of big things, must be the youngest.

Windbreaker, coat and suit.

These three single-product can prop up the gas field, so that even if you look down when the appearance looks at least tall and straight.


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