Colorful August, cashmere family METTE shopkeeper recommended activity has ended, 11 sets of beautiful clothes win the activity by their own unique advantages, and they became a summer favorite apparel in cashmere METTE family.

Quality beauty clothes with various features, which one captures your heart most? Cashmere family METTE invited you as a special judge to make the most beautiful clothes cast a valuable vote.

1 The new muses clothes

Key words: exquisite pattern import water soluble lace

Dress: 4271033

Beautiful lace, under the embellishment of the flower hook
Create an ancient Greek art of relief
Close look, let a person move heart unceasingly
Dressed like a goddess, dignified and charming

Two The sea art

Keywords: Abstract printing holiday style

Dress: 3271044
Art is graceful, colorful and omnipotent
For example, wear the “sea” on the body
“Blossoming waves” swaying in the wind
Seems to encourage people
To go a vacation trip

3 OL style or graceful style

Keywords: free light silk ribbon

Top: 3271055 Bottom: 4271018

Do you prefer the OL style or the elegant style?
This set of beautiful clothes can satisfy your two requirements at the same time
Detachable the ribbon, shaping the OL style
Tie ribbon to neck like stylish fan
The apparel is made of light silk fabric and is more comfortable to wear

4 Walking romance

Keywords: lace dress dating necessary

Dress: 4271035

A woman must wear a lace dress throughout her life
Slim edition with delicate lace
Show the graceful charm every twinkle and smile
Flowery and charming

5 Stylish age reduction

Key words: aging artifact, silk blouse

Top: 3271030 Bottom: 4271020
Youth is a fashionable attitude, independent of age
Sweet coat with asymmetric A word skirt
Turn the eye out of age
At this point, may wish to return to the age of 18
To find the initial loving time

6 Natural temperament

Keywords: fashionable caramel color, fine paste cloth, embroidery

Dress: 4271038
Caramel color derived from the color of the earth
Seem to be born with a heavy, intelligent temperament
Make people love it
It is embroidered with fine sticking cloth
More elegant charm

7 Guardian of the beauty of the workplace

Key words: sense of quality, necessary in the workplace

Top: 4271046 Bottom: 7271012

Intense workplace life
In addition to moral quality, pay more attention to clothing quality
A high quality simple OL outfit
Show simple, high quality image at the same time
Give you the safest Guardian

8 Cooling suit

Key words: fashionable tassels, quality GEORGETTE

Top: 3271022 Bottom:4271028

Summer heat
Cool summer become the new darling of the fashion world
Real silk GEORGETTE. It’s sweaty and breathable
Adorned with fashionable tassels
Of course, more popular

9 Pretty girl

Key words: lace suit dating necessary

Top: 4271023 Bottom: 4271024
Abandon complex design
Simple Italian style plus romantic lace
Create a new image of urban beauty
Qixi is approaching
Wear it and date your beloved half

10 Intimate temperature

Keywords: all-match wear air conditioning room Essentials

F: 5271032: 7271012 (click on the picture for more information)
Air-conditioned house for a long time
A cold lady can especially feel it
Cold air
Prepare a cardigan suit
Not only easy to deal with the cold air conditioning room
Early autumn can dress collocation decoration

11 Love the Chinese style

Key words: ink printing, silk and linen blended

Dress: 2271027
Ink printing plus 32 color embellishment
Dizzy, unique Chinese style
If you love the style
This must be your collection of beautiful clothes

Which is your favorite clothes, please make your valuable vote.

At the end of the article: the manager recommended series of clothing, limited preferential, minimum 290 yuan, there are still a small amount of balance, sold out, only welcome to shop to buy your exclusive summer favorite.

Italian design based on simple fashion
Cashmere family METTE from nature
Selected high-quality raw materials
It was reconstituted with stringent environmental standards
Abandon complex design, showing the beauty of nature
Urban elite aiming to pursue quality life
Provide comfortable commuter wear experiences

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