Grass long warbler fly season, Jiangnan misty misty, unknowingly between the “flutter dike willow drunk spring smoke” scene. Jiangnan spring, such as a ray of gently singing the wind, a holding warm and bright sunshine, sound sweet and clear birds, pieces of fragrant intoxicating flowers, green grass tip on a dew.

Say beautiful scenery Jiangnan, four seasons picturesque. And the recovery of all things in the south of the spring, the most is full of poetic, birds of flowers. The stars of the green, pumping new buds, visual and auditory double enjoyment. And long living in the office or family of you, is not going out to enjoy this pleasant spring beauty.


Romantic date with the spring, how much less cardigan embellishment and companionship? The A bright cardigan, turned into a touch of spring bright colors, lit the romantic complex.

Style one


❶ golden yellow


Cashmere family basic pure cashmere cardigan, drape and texture is better, is a spring tour of one of the essential items. Pure color cardigan with easy, T-shirt, shirt, jeans, simple fashion. Usually not open the button to wear, how can not go wrong. But need to pay attention to is that if the shoulder is more rounded slightly fat type body, it is recommended not to choose this length of the cardigan.


❷ deep grass green

If the length of the cardigan is slightly shorter, just in the waist position, then with a dress is a great choice. With the skirt can be high waist, it can be a straight tube. The advantage of this is the overall effect is very thin


❸ coral red

Wearing a cardigan, the middle of the buttons a few, the following few open open, modified the waist, can achieve significant weight-loss effect. Choose with a short skirt, so the length of the cardigan and short skirt in the length of the best, this mix is ​​also very fashionable.


❹ rose red

Today Xiaobian specially selected a few pieces of bright cardigan to share with you. Bright cashmere sweater with the United States and the United States dress, it is suitable for spring wear, but also suitable for the United States and the United States when taking pictures!


❺ green

When the mountain flowers bloom, to create a stylish leisure travel style, pure color cardigan out of pure and beautiful, comfortable and comfortable. Can be fresh art, fashionable and interesting. Side of the small split design, elegant and generous

Style two


❻ yellow green

A pure cashmere cardigan, fine and there is type, is the best partner of the season. With appropriate, but also wear clothing with a variety of demeanor. Simple fashion, easy to wear wild, is also a more accurate interpretation of quality of life.

❼ pink orange

Drizzle drunk, grass long, flowers, intoxicated blurred. Fireworks in March, so you a trip to Jiangnan!

Powder blue

Romantic spring, need more US clothing, light up your wardrobe. Pamper yourself, improve clothing skills. Simple one, wear clothing Variety shape! Simple tone, the achievements of elegant taste.

❾ white

Figure: Cashmere family official offer

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