Spring has passed, the rain is approaching,
The earth to pick up, all things recovery.
Flower red willow green, colorful,
Full of romantic and charming everywhere,
Pink and sweet spring atmosphere.


Never Grow Up
Guitar Instapop – Salute to Taylor Swift
In such a bright spring,
At first glance,
With the finishing touch fashionable shape,
Quickly wake up sinking Meng Meng da girl heart,
And romantic to a romantic date!

Lace, lotus leaf, flowers,
Puff Sleeve, Bow, etc. Elements,
So that the new season’s single product instantly become fresh,
Pure and sweet and not hypocritical.
Tranquil and soft colors,

Smart profile,
Romantic spring atmosphere,
Not too much embellishment,
Will be able to quietly
Will be a long buried girl heart burst.

Tassel jacket: 8271104 Pullover: 8271106

Spring is the flourishing season.
Red like fire, white snow,
Pink like pink, green, such as tea,
Purple like the sea, blue as the ocean

Cardigan: 5271027 Lace half skirt: 4271024

Red orange yellow green blue and blue, brilliant as rainbow
Contests, mix,
Dream like a dream, sweet and brilliant,
How dazzled?
So that all kinds of fashionable dazzling shape,
Wake up the girl’s heart Jiaoqiao complacent.


Lace Dress: 4271025

The air is full of warm and sweet atmosphere,
Like lovers in the ears of gentle whispers.
Lotus leaf, poncho skirt, trumpet sleeves,
Puff Sleeve, Flower, Print,
Hollow, lace, tassel


Lace Top: 4271023 wide leg pants: 7271011

Vibrant and fresh elements,
Decorate the fun of the early spring time.
Exquisite appearance,
Hidden the details of the originality,
But also to save that silence
A whole winter girl heart.

Pullover: 5271028 straight nine pants: 427,1002

Although soft pink pink single product,
But also make spring full of sweet romantic atmosphere.
But to a certain age of women,
More by choosing a single product with details
And clever mix,
To show the heart of the girl as romantic and innocent.


Flounced shirt: 3271001 Pants: 2272006

Colorful, sunny, dynamic
This is the most beautiful look of spring !!
Spring breeze, grass long warbler fly.
Spring bright, it is better to put on new clothes,
Painted a new buy lipstick, dress up,
Open a romantic spring trip!
(Product pictures are derived from cashmere family)

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