Vegetation began to spit,

The earth quietly began to turn green, red,

Spring breeze, vibrant,

The birds are singing in the branches,

Sunny day,

A ray of spring breeze from the field,

The field becomes gentle, passionate, quiet,

Spring so quietly come!

Lace Dress: 4271025

No gongs and drums,

No firecrackers,

No bedding and publicity.

So naturally come,

Spring is still thin,

The air is already filled

Sweet romantic, fantastic charm of the atmosphere.

After a few sun,

Everything around becomes more fresh.

Pullover: 5271028 Pants: 4271002

Cashmere family METTE new spring season new products,

Learn from the spring of the beautiful colors of nature,

To the spring of nature as a source of inspiration for all things,

And 2017 international fashion with the integration,

Inheritance and innovation.

Leaves, flowers, forests, oceans, etc.,

Into the fashion symbol of the movement in the Jin Yihua clothes on top,

Pure, simple and comfortable

Cashmere family METTE spring new products born! The



Jackets: 4271014 Pullover: 5271028

Orange, light purple, light green,

Ivory white, apricot, gouache,

Vivid live waves, contests.

Or mature introverted, or enthusiastic;

Or rich and beautiful, or fresh and elegant.

Spring new products to vitality orange, flame orange,

Fresh green, quiet blue-based color,

Ribs, flowers, lace embellishment,

Wake up to the heart of the fantasy and desire for spring.

Top: 4271023 Pants: 7271011

The most beautiful day in April,

Naturally good spring scenery ten miles,

Pink Willow Green, Grass Changying fly.

Warm air blowing through the hill,

Looking at a tree and a tree of flowers,

Brisk, soft, fresh Yan,

Filled with all the cravings,

Spring blooming, pleasant scenery,

To a dress and beauty staggered visual feast.

Cardigan: 5271027 Lace half skirt: 4271024

Bright orange, vibrant,

Soft army green, tough handsome,

Faint purple, full of fragrance,

Soft Meng of the water powder, girls heart burst.

More blend of international popular Nigerian blue, lapis blue, etc.,

Tone cold, hidden power.

Cashmere family 2017 spring new products

To wool velvet, cotton, cashmere and other raw materials,

With a purely natural interpretation of life qualities,

Your elegance

Jackets: 4271013 Pullover: 5271028 Pants: 7271016

To a certain age,

After years of vicissitudes,

In the years to wash the lead China, thinking slowly precipitated,

More calm and calm, beautiful and elegant,

This self-confident charm from the inside and outside has nothing to do with age.

20 +, 30 +, 40 +,

But it’s a number!

But any age,

Dress and life need this meticulous fine!

(Product pictures are derived from Springair cashmere family)

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