Springair Cashmere Collection is a range of beautifully crafted luxury cashmere fabrics, throws, serapes and cushions designed by award-winning Interior Design and manufactured in Hangzhou, China.



Using only the finest quality 100% cashmere fabrics, The Collection provides the ultimate in luxury styling, warmth and softness that makes it perfect for fashion, interiors, hotels, spas, private jets, super yachts and so much more.


Particularly meaningful when personalized with a monogram (in pink!), this Cashmere throw is the next best thing to the hug of a loved one and a one-size-fits-all keepsake.


Springair Cashmere Family has travelled the world with her unique and admired design style. Developing bespoke creations for clients has always been a key element in her work and it was Springair’s passion for style, colour and originality that led to the creation of her premier collection.

All Cashmere Collection and Yarn(Cashmere yarn, Cotton yarn, Flex Yarn……) and Apparel can be customized and OEM lable, Springair has been cooperate with mega brads for couple of years, is famous as China manufacture and supplier .

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