Sunny and shinny days, spring flavour is strong, in this poetic April days, cashmere family METTE departure again elegantly. 15 th April, Xi’an Xiaozhai boutique and Hangzhou Qingchun boutique grandly opening, new products, hot single product and quality cashmere series are all available, more surprises Gifts only to for you.

New 2 boutiques opening activities

Date: April 15th -4 month 24
Activity content:
1, New user for cashmere family VIP members can receive a beautiful scarf
2, One free beautiful Mug cup when ordering
3, More surprises, welcome to inquire

(Gift: Gold and silver mixed scarf)

Xi’an Xiaozhai boutique

Store address: Xi’an Yanta District Shaanxi city of Xi’an province Xiao Zhai Road No. 126
Xi’an, formerly known as Changan, is the capital of Shaanxi Province, located in the northwest of the central plains. Suitable climate, fertile land, rich products, beautiful scenery. With “eight Guanzhong” reputation, is the largest city in the northwest of china.

(2017 Spring & Summer New Products)

Simple version, smooth lines, with high quality fabrics, to create a cashmere family quality of the United States and clothing, this year’s spring and summer, together with the simple elegant flavour.

Hangzhou Qingchun boutique

Hangzhou Qingchun store address: No. 164, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Qingchun Road
Following the Qingchun Road store open, 12 cashmere family store in Hangzhou have been located in the business district, Hangzhou, Binjiang District, Xihu District, Shangcheng District, Jianggan District, Hangzhou City, to bring convenience to choose clothes.

Qingchun store is located in the city of Hangzhou Qingchun Road No. 164, convenient transportation, 59 Road, 591 road to the bus, the subway line Lung Bridge station, walk 2 kilometers to reach; location, close to the financial building, hotels, banks and the people art gallery, both art and life double enjoyment.

According to Hangzhou Qingchun store cashmere family climate, humidity and wind in their preferences, carefully prepared the opening of the body shop display the new spring and summer, the quality of cashmere series, men’s series and family series, nice clothes invite you dramas.

Alternating spring and summer, the temperature difference between day and night, a cashmere sweater to the warmth of the beauty of the United States, with shirts, T-shirts or vests, easy to show your elegant temperament.

The new spring and summer 2017, with thin cashmere knitting, cotton fabric, imported fabrics & Trendy Italian style design as the standard, and has a simple and elegant style, for your quality fabrics, wearing no pressure.

Italian style clothing brand from the Italian style will be the perfect style and the integration of Chinese style, adhering to the exquisite workmanship and quality fabrics, pay attention to lines and smooth profile, decorate the relaxed urban life. In April 15, 2017, Xi’an cashmere family Hamlet shop and Hangzhou Qingchun store grand curtain, look forward to working with you.

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