Chinese Dragon Boat Festival People Wear Green Apparel Eat Rice-Dumpling And Boat Racing

Dragon Boat Festival originated in China, initially for the ancient Baiyue area (south of the Yangtze River and the area) worshiped the dragon totem of the clan totem worship festival held there before Baiyue Spring in the fifth lunar month in the Dragon Boat Race held in the form tribes totem worship practices.

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About the origin of the Dragon Boat Festival, to commemorate Qu Yuan said Wu said memorial to commemorate Cao’e that commemorate Jie said, and so on. The above said, to commemorate Qu Yuan said the most popular. Because the great poet of patriotism and moving poetry speech, later “pity and sorrow, the world ‘s speech which, according to legend to Yan.”


Dragon Boat Festival was first described in the “starter age” because midsummer climb, Shun Yang on, May is summer, it is the first day afternoon climb Shunyang good weather day, it is also the fifth lunar month known as the “Dragon Boat Festival.” Dragon Boat Festival, there are many aliases, such as “Bath Festival”, “Doll Festival”, “Iris Festival”, “Dragon Boat Festival”.

As one of the four traditional Chinese festivals, the Dragon Boat Festival has many customs, we are familiar with eating dumplings, dragon boat racing, Sachet, hanging calamus, hanging wormwood leaves, wormwood, the Department of the Dragon Boat Festival rope, thread … longevity region differences, leading to different parts of the Dragon Boat Festival customs. Dragon Boat Festival has 2000 years of history as a traditional festival, with the ancient traditional culture, enduring, long stretch of stream.

Lengthy two thousand years, the culture and customs of a pulse transmission, things are changing scenery, the same is holiday wishes. Deep friendship, eternal blessing!

Whereby the Dragon Boat Festival, family care cashmere delicious dumplings Jun count our blessings for your holiday greetings and sincere: I wish you a happy Dragon Boat Festival! Dragon Boat Festival and passion recommend three exclusive attire! Its color reminiscent dumplings Jun beautiful coat, floating a touch of wormwood flavor.

Sleek ice green jacket, 100% linen fabric, breathable absorbent, comfortable and natural. Small suit collar design is a bright spot, because it is in the sleeve, the ride can choose white shirt, remember to roll up the sleeves, lower take-white or light khaki occupation pantyhose, nude color pointed heels. This mix is very suitable for white-collar workplace.
◆ ◆ ◆
first set


▲ 2260003 Composition 100% linen

If you wanted to be freer with sex, we can take within the contemplation casual vest, T-shirt or sweater, shirt, white, beige or gray-brown better, plus round casual white shoes, and partial neutral wind never let you wear handsome to no friends!

◆ ◆ ◆
Second set


▲ 3260012 composition 92% Silk 8% Spandex

Fleshy body, but want to wear the dress Mimi how to do? You only need a loose cover meat Mimi dress, pack your stylish, beautiful and confident all have. H-loose dress, there are both delicate texture, use tough thin contour achieve results.

Straight outline not only cover apple-shaped body, cover and excess abdominal waist fleshy, modified body lines can also help you create the perfect body. Perspective waist design is bright, enhance the sense of fashion.

◆ ◆ ◆
Third set


▲ 3260013 composition 92% Silk 8% Spandex

Dresses can be sketched out the lines of the body, the most perfect show female body. Sleeveless dresses very refreshing, is a more popular spring and summer dress. Sleeveless dresses can wear, you can highlight the white slender arm, coupled with beige or black high heels, sexy, feminine. But for extra baggage, worried sister exposed flesh can be used with the same color jacket to wear, thin section light green jacket, has the effect of cover meat. We recommend wearing his coat open, thus exposing the fold on the left shoulder.

Off the shoulder sleeveless design, a strong sense of fashion. Irregular skirt design of the front panel, enhance the visual beauty. Overall smooth lines and simple, fashion, bright colors, no matter what style of beauty, you can manage.


Green bamboo leaves,
Wrapped savory rice,
Unlimited soaked miss,
Lili hugged,
Countless sweet,
Bind tightly warm blessing,
Like green boat,
Rising green heart sails,
Ruanmian accordance with one’s thoughts,


Riding June heaters,
Yo far,
I pulled out my heart fills blessing lake,
To your heart shore.
Cashmere family,
Every important moment,
You are close companions,
Happy Dragon Boat Festival! !

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