Growth is happy and wonderful journey, everyone has some indelible childhood. For you, perhaps already in the past, maybe in progress ……


Childhood is a song, childhood is a painting. Childhood thinking is naive and pure, childhood behavior is serious and persistent, it is the pursuit of beauty, to be loved in return … is a childhood growing landscape of life on the road. Laughter all the way, along with the growth of each individual.

Time flies, See Clouds flow by and watch the flowers bloom, childhood memories of lopsided. Cotton candy, donuts, small red, pirate ship, Disney, filled with childhood memories.


Because a grimace and laugh;
Because a small partner by his side and wanton play;
Because to give praise and complacent;
Because of novelty and widened eyes.
Children in the world.
Always so simple, beautiful!


“Alice Adventures”, “little yellow people”
“Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck,” “Crayon” …
We are caught up childhood cartoon


Colorful, mystical fantasy, full of playful,
Perhaps this is the eyes of the children of the world,
Like candy, colorful, seductive magic.


Hang multicolored balloons, put up exquisite mushroom, dressed beautiful Snow White, crossing the green woods, accompanied by the sounds of birds, with the junior partner in the pursuit of happiness fairy tale world.

Wear the most beautiful clothes, Mei Mei’s performances draw a makeup, and small partners to dance, performances, or a singing on stage at the moment, have felt the joy of growth.

Little hand holding a big hand, watching the scenery, know this new world; the manual class together, walking together, listen to the story. Shallow memories, of childhood is always filled with happiness and laughter. Whenever retrospect, there is warmth flow through the heart.

There petty temper, headstrong time,
Thinking rebellious time,
Angry angry with their parents when
The total growth of road bumps.
Is childhood memories,
Softest, warm part.
Whereby the festival,
Recall childhood,
Thanks for the growth path,
Give everyone care!

Today is International Children’s Day,
Cashmere bless all family
Great friends, the children a happy holiday!
Thank every parent,
He gave us a happy and carefree childhood!

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