According to the Meteorological Observatory forecast, recently China will encounter the strongest since the winter cold air. Beijing will open 40 hours of rain and snow patterns, the recent cooling rate of 8 to 10 ℃. In the eastern part of the gale will be cool and rain and snow weather, the south will have heavy rainfall. Cooling in some areas up to 16 ℃.
Hear the news, the first feeling is the capital of the “very cold & colder”, today entered the 20th solar terms – snow. We are ready to meet the psychological preparation of the winter it?
Yesterday, many cities in the north Beijing, Shenyang, have entered the “snow model”, Beijing than last year, one week ahead of ushered in snow. Hangzhou at this time is also graceful drizzle in the graceful, hazy and beautiful.
Beijing Great Wall
Today, snow, winter really come, from the beginning of Hangzhou snow will come far?
West Lake snow

In this solemn reminder, go to work, enjoy the snow, we must pay attention to warm cold, beware of colds. The face of the strongest since the winter cold air, but also want to go out of the United States and the United States, the wear what? Cashmere family to Weapon: wear clothes and then go out, can still “beautiful people do not freeze” .

01. Cashmere underwear
Strong cold air strikes, the body and health will also face a new round of challenges and tests. The key to cold and warm, first from the personal side to start wearing. At this point, wearing a super warm inside the baby cashmere underwear, warm body, go out to effectively keep out the cold, like eating at ease as assured. Which advantageously blocks the ingestion of cold air, which also contributes to blood circulation and health benefits.

02. moderate thickness of cashmere sweater

In the cashmere underwear outside, you can set a round neck pullover, casual casual; can also add a cashmere cardigan, casual fashion. Cold weather, choose a relatively thick section of cashmere cardigan, take the shirt and skirt, with boots, very literary. If it is men’s cashmere sweater, can take a shirt, the next ride jeans or suit pants, elegant gentleman vividly on paper. This mix, the image of full marks, taking into account the warm cold. You do not have to worry about themselves in the winter dress like a cotton group, not beautiful, not handsome it?


A moderate thickness of cashmere sweater temperature, enough to make your gas field full, shiny. Outdoor wind whistling, to the indoor warm place, accompanied by cashmere sweater, it will not feel cold.


03. cashmere coat
If the temperature is lower, wind and rain, snow, the weather is colder, this time the cashmere coat played. Textured cashmere coat with thin leather pants, the overall tough and handsome. Loose cashmere coat can wrap up the whole body, resist the cold wind threat. Soft skin-friendly texture, simple style of leisure, so that the occupation of white cashmere new fashion winter!


Cashmere family METTE coat style rich, dignified and soft, simple competent, modern retro, elegant and stylish. Random a coat, with dress, or with pants, matched with a scarf decoration, warm type, walking blooming self-confidence between the elegant woman and calm.8

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