Life there are always such a woman, they are free with sex, full of personality, born not wearing a skirt, usually prefer neutral style of dress. Their closet is common shirt, T-shirt, short-sleeved shirt, pants such basic models. This match is simple and convenient, practical, different colors, styles ingenious, will wear a different style and gas field.


This issue will reproduce the classic cashmere family, grand recommended several summer wild short-sleeved shirt, wear good, comfortable and beautiful, the key is not pick the body, quickly followed by US girl get up!

What color is most suitable for the summer? Perhaps a simple pure color, perhaps a colorful bright colors …… difficult to define which is the exclusive color this season, but the classic white, certainly makes it difficult to refuse.

Style A


▲ 3260111 Women’s short sleeve double


▲ 7260021 beige women’s pants feet

Women’s short-sleeved double cashmere family, choice of materials, the use of silk, linen, comfortable breathable, skin-friendly natural. Two-tier design, patchwork, rich layering, while thin impervious. Seems thin, beautiful prints scattered clothing and body, stroll Xianting, light smell the flowers, trance more of a romantic and elegant.


White short-sleeved, beige casual pants feet tight on the Panasonic, neutral and capable, very professional. Of course, you also need a pair of red high heels representative to serve this body wear plus. Flaming Lips, bright eyes white teeth has always been a beauty standard.


▲ 7260042 small white women personality collapse pants

Women’s short-sleeved dark green, elegant fashion, humane double-layer design, elegant and generous. With beige personalized small collapse pants, fashion personality. The shirt bundle into his pants, the overall shape simple fashion, but also lengthen the leg line, big legs of déjà vu blowing.


Silk and linen collision, making the advantages of both a seamless fit, both the former and smooth to the touch, but also the latter’s natural simplicity, the superposition of both the moisture absorption and ventilation upgrades, add to summer the Icy cool.

Style B


▲ 7260062 navy blue short-sleeved lace

The lace short sleeves, cuffs and hem hollow design, so elegant some more sexy. The most feminine elements, lace, doing my part. The lace short-sleeved, is the use of cotton fabrics, absorbing the advantages of cotton, soft skin-friendly, comfortable to wear. Navy, not overly athletic inanimate, quiet and not too serious, to convey the taste and the rich connotation of urban professional women.


▲ 3260105 white women’s casual pants

With white casual trousers, simple and elegant. Gestures mature and elegant femininity full! One hundred kinds of T-shirts worn with trousers that not only can, simple atmosphere, but also with shorts, fresh and natural, or with current popular wide leg pants wearing, free with sex.


Clothing not only reflect a person’s taste, but also to convey a person insights on fashion and quality of life diligently pursuing. Cashmere family, caused gifted life, personality and self-discover the taste of elegance.

All Apparel above can be customized and OEM lable, Springair has been cooperate with mega brads for couple of years, is famous as China manufacture and supplier .

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