What we wear in Summer? Mimi out to the streets, too long skirt trouble, worry wear shorts, skirts tanning, this time, you only need a simple short-sleeved T-shirt with pants can be, capable modern, chic and elegant, simple atmosphere all we have!


Whether modern girl, street beat up people, or intellectual goddess, the queen also cold or high, can HOLD to live it a simple atmospheric Dress Up! Great passion, the current focus on cashmere family recommended several refreshing summer look, help you easily get to work, appointments, vacation of a variety of shapes.

Style 3


▲ 6262805 women pink collar pullover ▲ cherry / glass color ▲ 2260031 white wide leg straight jeans
Pink roses, romantic and fresh, pastel, show velvet glove femininity! Absorbent and breathable linen and clothes micro perspective overall design combine to bring you a cool cool double.


Women rose pink collar pullover with a white little personality collapse pants, full of personality, a street or leisure wear are beautiful beautiful.


Green glass, bright and attractive, full of vitality. The clothes slightly overall design perspective, the sexy interpretation to the extreme. Linen fabric, cut the atmosphere, this cool summer wind in the end!


Stylish collar design, show just the right figure. Little Lu Xiangjian clavicle or beautiful, stylish yet sexy.


Style 4


▲ 3260032 Women’s short-sleeved shirt ▲ burgundy / white black ▲ 7260043 Slim pants feet

Wine red short sleeves, mature noble, understated intellectual a more elegant. Red wine, with respect to the large yellowish red more suitable for Asian skin. With beige slacks, was thin cover meat, very lining skin color, but also to glance your good figure showing.


▲ 3260105 beige women’s casual trousers

White trousers, silk and linen fabrics, moisture permeability, feel and color is superb, wild fashion.


Black short-sleeved T-shirt, casual elegant, high-quality silk fabrics the classical style to the extreme interpretation. Both sides of the button-design better body modification, highlight the waist curve. With beige pants feet, intellectually capable, long hair red lips, the urban women mature charm vividly demonstrated.


▲ 7260021 beige women Slim pants feet

Short-sleeved practicality Needless to say, with shorts, fresh and natural, with wide leg pants, fashion personality, with feet pants, simple and capable. 100% silk, skin-friendly natural, let your confident and beautiful natural bloom.


The women’s short-sleeved, with trousers, shorts can be. Simple atmosphere, do not pick the body. With trousers, recommended to choose relatively slim style, you can show off your great legs.

Simple, elegant, comfortable, beautiful, it has always been our constant pursuit! Quality fabrics, superb design, decent crop, amazing silhouette, family focused cashmere fashion for you to create amazing wardrobe.

Xiao Bian read “trendy new discovery | not pick the body summer dress (on the next),” the recommendation, you are not also ready to make out? Thin, cool, comfortable, stylish, like cashmere family went to the store to buy it! What is your most suitable for summer dress is it?

All Apparel above can be customized and OEM lable, Springair has been cooperate with mega brads for couple of years, is famous as China manufacture and supplier .

Springair 2016 summer new available now

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