The autumn weather makes people feel comfortable
Good to Tuen coat better winter
But what kind of coat really pick it
In addition to selected coat material is better
Models are also very important
Take a look at what type of coat you are comfortable with


H-type coat
Straight coat

Suitable for: All sizes
Advantages: straight barrel does not accept the waist design, can be a good modification of various sizes, do not worry about the body seems to shoulder fat, simple and capable handsome.
TIPS: straight coat Although it is not easy to wear the wrong, but it will not highlight the personal advantage of the body. The only thing to note is the length of the selection. Tall girls to choose a long paragraph more concave atmosphere, small and cute short paragraph is not cumbersome election, the relatively long section of the wild does not pick people.



A-type coat

Suitable for: as an extension of the H-section, the same for a variety of sizes, lower body fat people need to pay attention.
Advantages: compared to the H-capable, A slight skirt adds a touch of elegance and dignified
1. No waist coat recommended open to wear, or you are one meter tall and wears the wrong mother’s clothes feel.
2. Double-breasted to help divert the focus of attention, so that the overall look is not so bloated



X-shaped profile coat
Waist coat

Suitable for: small; waist thick girls; pear-shaped body;
Advantages: waist to improve the visual effect of the coat plate, the belt of the shackles or casual can be added to the overall shape, but also the overall look more curve and elegant.
1. upper body wide selection of girls carefully corset;
2. try to choose the upper body cut simple intellectual models, or prone to bloated upper body.
3. Within the ride to try to thin and delicate, dress or tight pants upper body is better.



O-type coat
Cocoon coat
Suitable for: leg length girls; Apple-type body;
Advantages: very fashionable sense of the O-coat in recent years, hot, oversized cut not only cover the thick waist, even the small thick legs have become less obvious, it is suitable for a high plump girls.
1. Slip shoulder girls are not suitable for O-type coat, the whole will become more rounded.
2. Apple women need to choose simple models.
3. O-coat because of the overall wide, it is recommended with high heels or boots to increase the proportion of leg length.



Partial short section of the choice of O-color coat will be more on the mirror, there will be no cumbersome feeling


Super long coat
For: more than one meter sixty-five girls
Advantages: the longer coat, the stronger the gas field. So street shoot you can see the fashion of the people of the super-long coat always put it down. Although more rigid material can not let you walk with the wind as both a sense, but also properly suction eyes concave atmosphere.
1. within the ride high waist style will be even more high.
2. open to wear to reveal your big legs is the last word.
Cape coat

Suitable for: thin legs of the girls;
Advantages: said before the scarf can pretend to be a cloak, but the real cape coat is more beautiful. Cover the meat and fashionable, upper body out of effect, playful sweet princess full of wind.
TIPS: upper body is enough “comfortable”, lower body as simple as possible. With short skirts, pants feet will have very good results.

Buy more than buy fine
Regardless of black and white
Know how to avoid weaknesses of the coat is a good coat
Do you know which one to wear?
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