What kind of clothes is a good dress?
Have a stylish style
Dazzling design
Or set the quality and excellent work in a clothing
Wearing the body is the ultimate enjoyment?

Think about it, a jersey
In addition to having design and quality
It is more like a confidant
Understand your preferences and shortcomings
Long and easy to avoid the decoration is unique to your refined charm
A good dress with you as beautiful as ever

Cashmere family summer special planning – real wear type jeans
Relaxed version of the type, careful design of the machine
Easily cover small defects
Pimp hand wear easy without pressure
Slim you wear is more fashionable was thin
Do not pick the body of the confidant
Build your summer elegant look

Dress: 4271037

Numerous city life
Need several dress for their own dress
Simple and comfortable, wearing no pressure like
Warm coffee color, fashionable patch embroidery
Revealing a low-key mature charm
Loose version of the type
Any body type can easily hold live

Top: 3271055

Featured 100% silk fabrics
Feel soft and soft
Bring summer cool enjoyment
Natural loose version of the type
Coupled with the thin Tibetan youth
As the micro-fat sector, but the good luck

Dress: 4271038

With the type of version, smooth lines
The release of the city outside the free atmosphere
Tied a belt
Lively show slim figure
Cuffs that touch of Western design
More slender arm of the visual beauty

Dress: 3271014

Navy, is wise, deep incarnation
Low-key implication was thin temperament
With shoulder black stitching design
Fashionable charm naturally show
Waist drawstrings cleverly embellished
Good body and with the shape of free to switch

On: 2272013 the following: 2272014
In addition to the body does not pick the body to wear the United States clothing
Workplace Lady is indistinguishable
Navy blue stripes suit
Comes with a thin foreign charm
Is concise calm
It is Baidu workplace calm and bold

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