Like many sweaters basic models, how to wear will not go wrong, but it is difficult to think through the window. One not careful will wear old-fashioned feeling. With what clothes to collocation stylish fresh feeling?
Knit shirt collocation
Collocation knitwear and shirts can be said is never out of date is always fashionable, also can wear by age students. You can choose a set of head cardigan collocation shirt, remember to put his shirttail out will be fashionable.



Can also be used to knit dress shirt collocation, loose version of the handsome age, Levis is very feminine, the little girl  to remember the length above the knee


A cardigan sweater, collocation is more gentle taste is a very practical collocation take care not to sew the button, or will be very old this year, fashionable knitted cardigan is of course long, have to walk with the wind


The little girl  best knit cardigan short waisted pants collocation, can lengthen the waistline, let the figure looks better. and fashionable to wear is let out sleeve knit cuffs


Knit dress collocation

Autumn also want to wear the United States and the United States cents a dress how to do? The sweater to help you ah ~ do not take a short paragraph to collocation will be very old very soil, can choose wide style, or long paragraph


The small girls and a short dress length compared to the length of the length will not be significantly shorter


Can also be set in the sweater dress outside this dress , Although romantic fashion, but the little girl is best not to try, the length of the skirt and sweater should not exceed 10 cm above the knee.


Sweater slim pants collocation
Collocation sweater and tight pants is very classic, elegant and handsome, not lack of fashionable, cool yet advanced texture, no matter to any occasion can be with a collocation, want to take the shoes boots, want some feminine collocation high-heeled shoes


Like the dark green, nude color, Jiang Huang, the navy blue color is also very suitable for autumn and winter, more than pure mild, with a warm and comfortable temperament exudes


Sweater skirt collocation
The most popular method will not wear less skirt, let’s first from a little girl, dress collocation must be short, hem to knit into skirts, or short sweater to clear the waistline, and this method is put by age is very cute


Short skirt, long skirt is more elegant and a woman. And dress winter cold words is also very warm, whether it is a street or commuter can use this set of collocation, confident can put the sweater outside skirt to cover body, will be chic


Ordinary sweater
Can also be played with a different sense of fashion.
This is the charm of wearing a ride

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