Recently the temperature has been declining, this time do not wear a sweater even when not only warm but also cover the meat. This year’s fall and winter show floor, also swept a wave sweater trend, those enduring sweater by fashion interpretation of the people most vividly!


Today, from the color, style, as well as with three aspects that sweater it.

Autumn and winter sweaters of the six essential color.

Sweater color choices are also very diverse, with a good lining to a good temperament! Take a look at autumn and winter sweaters of the six essential color it!

Gray line
Gray the most wild, with handsome jeans, with skirts beautiful. Gray will never be eliminated, any color can be used, even if the cold days, casually set a coat can be happy to go out!


Earth color
Earth color, with the same gray line, with super-class skill. Sweater to wear the only drawback is easy to be bloated, but as long as remember the wide under tight, you can easily solve the problem. For example, wearing a loose sweater on the lower body as far as possible to wear tight-fitting jeans or hip package; upper body if the tight knitted wool, lower body can try umbrella skirt or wide leg pants.


Navy blue line
Navy blue Needless to say, how will not go wrong, but also very good with warm and beautiful coexist .


Red line
Chinese people like big red, color festive, skin white sister do not miss, the more red the more significant white, but also properly enhance the color!


Smoke pink color
Pink is always the smallest woman, pink powder is different from the general powder, not so impetuous girl, but from the woman’s charming revealed a mature and stable.


Dark green
This fall and winter there is a big hot color, the number of dark green, and this color does not pick people, yellow skin are super-black suit, but also significant Western style, the absolute color of choice for autumn and winter!


The most popular autumn and winter sweater how to choose

Can be worn in the fall, the winter can take, practical good to wear a basic staff, then the question came, so many sweaters in the end we choose which style?

Sleeve sweater


Recently I believe we all still remember, and now this boom also swept the sweater body, but the style is not so exaggerated, a little more exaggerated, more than a trace of girls, let us better control of the.


V-neck sweater


V-neck has always been synonymous with sexy, it can generously show your delicate collarbone and beautiful swan neck. But this year is not popular V-collar solid color, but the fashion cycle of tennis V-neck sweater, is characterized by collars and cuffs hit the color side.

Cold weather to wear inside the coat to do inside the ride is also good.


Slit sweater


To say this winter popular styles of sweaters, there is nothing hot hem slit sweater. Back this element is amazing, any single product as long as the open hole, fashionable would double the same sweater.


turtleneck sweater

Warm and comfortable elements of high collar these years frequently appear in various types of star street shoot, the design gives a full sense of security. Anyway, anyway, the winter must have a high collar, when the cold wind can block face!


Sweater stacked to highlight the level of even more thin.

Words such a variety of sweaters, then the sweater in the end how to take? In the fall can be worn, can take in the winter ride, I heard that the shirt and sweater ponchos pile wear even more.

With a white shirt
Personnel of a white shirt, not only can show a single wear a good taste of fashion, or to take the autumn and winter to add options. Basic models of the sweater, as long as the ride inside a white shirt, immediately fashionable full marks.


With a denim shirt
As the denim shirt itself is blue, so outside the sweater proposed to plain-based, can better highlight the level of modeling.


With a striped shirt
This summer’s hot striped shirt in the season can also be according to wear not mistaken, and all kinds of sweaters stacked wear, simple enough fashionable.


With a shirt + sweater
As long as the shirt and sweater stack to wear the routines, not only wear out full effect, in the upcoming winter is no longer worry about how you ride with it!


Read so many sweaters, like which color like which style? Weekend pick up pieces like sweaters, warm winter it!

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