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Springair Textile Group (Since 1985) – The World Leader Manufacturer of Cashmere Yarn and Apparel. We are here in SPINEXPO Shanghai, Communicating with customers from all the world, hearing what our customers need, supplying the best Cashmere yarn, Apparels to meet the markets needs. All in Wholesale agreements. Each year stories happened here, Each year we meet here, […]

Family fitted undoubtedly a symbol of love and deep affection in my heart baby, a family member doting care performance. In the parent-child class program, often we see the stars with adorable baby, Yiyanbuge and kids wear cool handsome, seductive parents installed. And wet and sprouting, momentary happiness up up, fashion degree also up up, […]

METTE Cashmere Family 2016 new autumn and winter series fully combined the most popular elements and traditional manual processes, close to the heart and life, excellence, originality, interpretation of fashion and elegance, finishing exquisite simplicity of life. Filling love in this fall and winter, not to be missed. M 8164032 dark green round neck pullover […]

Retro, elegant style of the old era, the new era into the fashion element, ever-changing, to create stylish personality, elegant and sophisticated urban charm female image. 2016 autumn and winter, retro, elegant, personalized, METTE cashmere family vision is the key word. Not because of busy and forget the original intention of Green, not because of […]

Why choose Springair Textile? (1)Material: we purchase 100% cashmere raw material from the Inner Mongolia Origin, so we can offer you good quality products with reasonable price. (2)Factory: both big and small orders are accepted, because we have our own factory(actually over 15 factories), which is in knitting fields for more than 20 years, we […]

For cashmere yarns , it’s an art, read these advantages to get cashmere yarn better choice. 1, scales are arranged closer than fine wool and cashmere thick, which is larger than cashmere fulling. 2, fine wool curl larger than cashmere. 3, leather cashmere content higher than the fine wool, cashmere fiber stiffness better than fine […]

Cashmere(pashmina) pale pinkish grey turtleneck sweater wholesale Experience the luxury of Cashmere made in HANGZHOU,CHINA in the bulky tutleneck design across a range of gorgeous warm colours. How will you choose your favourite? This world renowned International design loses all of it’s traditional reputation when it is made in a pure colour. But don’t worry […]