Fan Bingbing and Li Chen partner for a brand endorsement period, wearing a red tassel earrings, glamorous and moving. All kinds of tassel jewelry, graceful graceful. Tassels, only one name will be the style of circulation.

When the wind from the romantic, graceful light, romantic Smart, it must be suitable for the early spring melody. The moment of the jump is particularly charming, when the wind from the romantic, walking at the elegant, action, swaying, elegant jump in the melody, who can resist this temptation?

“Step shake, there are hanging beads, the steps are shaking also” “decorated with five mining jade to hang, the line is shaken.” Ancient step shake, that is tassel. This kind of accessories were originally popular among aristocratic women.

“Red House night can be melancholy, incense lamp half-volume voucher account.” This is the most beautiful Chinese wind! It is sexy, whether it is as a decoration or a single side of a single product, can interpret the characteristics of women’s elegant sexy.

Whether it is clothing or jewelry, with the tassel embellishment, and instantly improved the rate of return. Tassel earrings, necklaces, bags, shoes on the tassel elements, like a beautiful landscape.

Tassels with a smart and impressive temperament exists, chic and unruly and with a different kind of romantic, when the fringes between the moment, Xianqi floating in the air.

Tassel details of the classic simple and unique fashion, it’s noble and uninhibited, customs million, in the fashion industry is unique. 3.8 goddess is approaching, as the goddess of how can you less tassel to the icing on the cake?

Charm tassel single product recommended:

◆ ◆ ◆

Style one

Cashmere family tassel long exudes 6261501 orange


Classic simple long cardigan version, simple and unconventional, highlight the urban women capable, elegant qualities. This section of the jacket, joined the hot tassel elements of these quarters embellishment, very court atmosphere.

Smooth lines, simple profile shape, with exquisite stretch pressure line embroidery, highlight the details of the exquisite. Supplemented by a strong three-dimensional pattern and hollow organization, full of change. The most popular tassel elements of the world, increasing the noble and unique temperament characteristics.


Perfect show female soft posture, with a decent, interpretation of urban women noble and elegant style, gorgeous, refined, delicate, highlights the Rococo small incense feeling.

◆ ◆ ◆

Style two

6261502 tassel short sleeve pullover orange


Simple round neck short sleeve design, more capable, and easy to match. The whole use of high-end worsted yarn weaving, supplemented by a strong sense of three-dimensional pattern and hollow organization, fashion breath blowing.

Can be used with jackets, jeans, highlight the youthful vitality; or with casual pants, casual jacket, simple and more with the elegance of an elegant little feelings.


◆ ◆ ◆

Style three

8271104 Women’s V Collar Su Knitted Jackets


Rough knit the back of the floating line jacquard organization, very unique, soft color, placket, cuffs, collars, pockets, etc. tassel embellishment, fashion and international Fan both, is the spring of spring out of the street a perfect single product The

Irregular stripes are still very concerned about, to create a variety of effects. Elegant jacquard, full of literary sense, to convey the unique aesthetic of urban women and dress taste. Small V-neck is still a popular detail processing, simple profile and rich color to bring light and elegant flavor.

Tomorrow is the annual 3.8 goddess of the festival, cashmere family METTE brand 3.8 section activities have been grand opening, pet yourself, from the election of a favorite clothes began! Good people, to cashmere family stores feel the courtesy of the festival it

Text: Cashmere Family Figure: Product Image Provided by Cashier Family Official

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