Can be sexy, you can also handsome;
Can playful, classical elegance can also be;
Can be free with the nature, but also gorgeous atmosphere;
If someone asked me, what kind of element,
Can be so headstrong?
The answer must be tassels.

A mention of tassels, perhaps you will think of passionate gypsy girl, that with the body movements in the air free flying tassels, live wave Smart, full of beauty. Tassel in ancient China called “step shake”, is a noble female headdress, elegant, is a symbol of noble status, not every woman can wear.


Tassel, also known as spike, is a drooping, with colorful feathers or velvet and other tied into, such as Wo ear-shaped ornaments, hanging in the curtains and common curtains or jade fan handle. Tassels, wind sway rippling, passing the quaint and graceful charm.


Tassel variety, form is varied, you can also use a variety of materials to performance. Fringed elements in the clothing, accessories, jewelry in different applications, just highlight the personality and fashion features, decorative strong, easy to improve, in today’s design trend shine!




























In the use of accessories, such as tassel bag, giving the feeling of elegance and elegance. A pair of tassel shoes, comes with a typical retro style. The tassel used in earrings, necklaces, but also unique style. In the banquet, the show floor, a tassel element with clothing, wearing a fringed earrings, necklaces, bracelets, etc., the details echo each other, highlighting the charm of women charming and elegant!














































Cashmere family METTE cyan blue fight fringed shawl, pure cashmere quality, noble atmosphere, the details of the decoration is a single piece of leather by hand to wear, very delicate and special, highlighting the high quality and delicate cashmere details, walking The lines between the live waves swing out of the romantic atmosphere.

Cyan blue fringed cape coat



This section not only has the silhouette of cashmere knitted garments, more fashionable fashion and epidemic characteristics. Cyan blue, blue is the deepest color, piercing the noble ladies Fan children, highlighting the elegance of women and elegant temperament.




























Blue, very easy to match, take the black pullover, the interpretation of low-key luxury; free Phi ride, you can piercing the powerful gas field. A clothing to wear, classic style, stylish elegance, private gatherings, holiday travel, business banquet and other occasions essential single product.



























Tassels, is undoubtedly the most style throughout the year, the most fashionable elements. Active in the fashion industry, with colorful posture, by the fashion industry’s favorite. I believe that every woman who knows fashion, there will be a favorite of their own tassel single product. Or elegant, or fresh and refined. Tassel into the cashmere material, both fashion and classical.


Wandering between modern and retro

Between luxury and elegance

Between uninhibited and elegant

Tassel style to enjoy bloom

Always inadvertently

Romantic elegance to bring a small atmosphere

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