The temperature is like a cold blooded killers
The cold wind is like sharp needles.
Cold and piercing
Only wear the fashionable and warm cashmere sweater
In a cold winter day
Emanating a glamorous glow
Current Designer Series
Made by the chief designer of the cashmere family METTE
The main clothing of this series is
Clever fusion of lines and colors
Create an advanced avant-garde and classic fashion
Show the energy of the city vividly


The cold of winter
The busy and tired of the work
A warm and comfortable cashmere sweater
Can bring you a beautiful mood
In the warm heart of the cold weather
Or when the temperature is warm
A cashmere sweater is a perfect driver for various occasions


Solid all-match blouse


100% cashmere
Classic color, all-match fashion
Hem slit design
An extraordinary attitude in the detail
The attitude of the cashmere family METTE to life


Space geometry jumper

100% cashmere
Exquisite spatial geometric patterns
Deep blue sapphire blue and yellow collocation of Rosemary
Show free unruly personality and fashion taste


Color striped blouse

Irregular color stripes
The tranquil yellow, elegant green, and elegant Beige
Three kinds of warm colors
The dry and boring season of autumn and winter


Stereo flower type jumper

100% cashmere
Classic corn kernels
A small opening in the middle of a circular collar
And the stereoscopic line design of the lower swing
Annotate the life style of young and energetic



Half a smoked dress

100% cashmere
Half a smoked dress
Visual modification of body shape
The delicate design of the waist also fits the aesthetic design idea
Showing an elegant curve



The female side zipper cardigan

Fresh and warm cashmere coat
The neckline with the quadrangle pure cashmere rough knit splicing
Connect the metal zipper to the upper side of the side
A very artistic coat is fresh out of the oven


Colorful triangle male Pullover

How can fashion and warmth be owned only for women
Have to rely on clothes to create the charm of metrosexual man and temperature
100% cashmere
A steady Tibetan blue color
A triangular pattern of sapphire blue
Simple but varied
Unique style and unparalleled craftsmanship
This is also a cashmere family METTE’s interpretation of men’s fashion


The British male striped Pullover

100% cashmere
Blue, green and khaki stripe
Classic design, rich layers of various braided all-match
Boldly hit the color, let the fashion feel fast up
The richness and diversity of sweaters
Become an essential part of daily leisure



V all-match male collar Pullover

100% cashmere
V collar design, attend any occasion
All can make you the focus of the crowd



Male baseball collar cardigan

100% cashmere
Fine baseball collar blend into the sports elements
A stable color with a sharp line
Business, leisure



Walking in the middle of the city
Look at the bustling city
Or walk around the country path
Product attitudes of the world
METTE, the cashmere family, will accompany you through this long winter


Cashmere family METTE
The new products are now on the market
Welcome to store selection



Conceptual design based on simple fashion
Cashmere family METTE from nature
Selection of high quality raw materials
And rebuilt with harsh environmental standards
Abandon the complex design and present the beauty of nature
The urban elite for the pursuit of quality life
Provide comfortable commuting experience

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