Victorian era,
Women break the shackles of traditional ideas,
Will originally belong to the men’s coat,
After improvement of design,
It became belongings of women.
Still being the top spot of fashion circles.
A girl wearing a coat,
Is not limited to the workplace,
More is to show herself
Elegant, confident, handsome, independent.

It is not complete being in the season autumn
Without a coat!
Today’s cashmere family METTE first help to get a conclusion of
The trend of pop stars’ coat attire!
With these attire,
You can easily hold the whole fall!

With skirt

Handsome coat coupled with
Feminine skirt,
Full of flavor filled with a tenderness.

With jeans

Cloth with loose coat
Slim jeans with pencil pants,
Not only can be bound waist can also decorate the legs.
Upright up

Match suit

Set more formal and dignified,
Capable, intelligent, decisive temperament filling!

Hurry to see
Cashmere family Mette
For your carefully selected coat single product,
Do the most real yourself!

1. Colorful fashion suit

Army Green / Cangqing
On: 6274008
The following: 6274022
Elegant set, for you to save the time to wear, but also highlights the beginning of your thinking and character, simple wide leg pants, but also help you obviously thin fashion tool.

2. Camel British style coat

Camel / sunset blue
Simple classic camel, elegant one button design, clean and neat lines, all show the urban women decisive, handsome, unique side of the gesture.

3. Slim lazy wind coat

Twilight blue color
Originally should be profiled coat, because with the belt of the embellishment, and become a type, but also distributed a lazy freedom with the sexy. Senior twilight blue color, more noble.

4. Colorful simple coat

Red / white / blue / twilight blue
In the original face or add or subtract to produce a new image, perhaps the most important fashion design. Swept away the cold and cold of the dark, cashmere family ladies in the autumn and winter of 2017 can have a more advanced color choices.

5. Variety elegant coat

Light gray, orange / dark blue, light blue
Simple cuff hit the color, for the original simple coat to bring the mood, a variety of colors, as well as large lapel, each design is for more colorful life.

6. Slim waist coat

Navy / camel
Warm cashmere, classic earth color, elegant belt design, is in the pursuit of simple perfect and sweet happy. To a more simple way of life let us enjoy life, the nature and the rational combination of urban style, showing the modern colorful way of life and love of nature.

7. Wild high black coat

Simple domineering high-level black, so pure, so clear, the atmosphere of the lines, soft waist, highlight the introverted luxury, perfect to adapt to a variety of social occasions.

8. Steady forest color coat

Turkish forest green / sunset gray
100% cashmere, royal aristocratic dark green, showing noble, simple digging bag plus fog design, without any side, neat lines, simple life.

9. Lapel double coat

Berlin blue / ink gray
100% cashmere, lapel double-sided design, bring Variety wear, elegant glass purple, deep ink gray, each color is the love of life.

10. Personality jacquard coat

Sunset gray / ultramarine / beige
100% cashmere, pumping jacquard design elements, that touch of flying like clouds of color, all highlight the fashion leisure, free and open style.

Why do you choose the cashmere family in the cashmere it?


Want to always keep full of charm,
Come to cashmere family selection of seasonal products,
Let the fashion character in the daily also distributed infinite charm.

Cashmere family
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Design based on simple fashion
Cashmere family METTE from nature
Featured high quality raw materials
And to harsh environmental standards to be re-built
Abandon the complex design, showing the beauty of nature
Designed for the pursuit of quality of life of the city elite
Provide a comfortable commuter experience

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