On the good water
Hearts of compassion, gratitude
In order to meet more beautiful
Yesterday was 2016.11.24
The fourth Thursday of November
Cashmere family wish you
Happy Thanks giving Day


Thanksgiving to those who have helped us
Grateful to those who have warmed our hearts
Thanksgiving confusion for our maze
Thanksgiving silently in the side of the family
Thanksgiving we have everything
Family, friendship, love
Trust, companionship, understanding, love
Every kind of precious emotion
Every heart-to-heart interaction


Thanksgiving parents gave us life
And teach us how to behave
Thanksgiving teacher cultivation
And evangelism by the industry
Even if it was with us
Passing a passing road of life
Also make your life experience more abundant


There are many things worthy of gratitude
such as
Thanks for the gift of nature
Water, air, sunlight, land
Have a healthy body
Have a favorite job
There is a happy family
The future has a better vision and expectations


The True Meaning of Thanksgiving
Hope we stopped
The heart to feel the current temperature
As well as those worthy of treasure


Thanksgiving words, I say for you
Thanksgiving gift, as you choose
Cashmere family to “warm 520” activities
Thanksgiving Day
With “national ceremony” -like treatment
Thanksgiving feedback


Today is the million people to raise activities
Start the tenth day
Enthusiasm is not reduced, continuing to heat up
Limited while stocks last
Accompanying is the best thanksgiving
Now with “520 warm price” order it


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