There is a touch of poetry in clouds
There is a touch of love in poetry
There is deep feelings in love
There is strong meaning in feelings
Wind chimes sounded again
Seems to be playing a song of gratitude

Thanks to my parents nagging
Because they are to make you detours
Thank parents for their encouragement
Because they are an obstacle to removing you
Thanks to my parents for their reproof

Because they are to promote your wisdom
Thanks for everything parents have given us
Let us use life to cherish
Grateful heart to care

Thanksgiving this kind of thing
Never need a vigorous
Sincere love has always been the most ordinary
The weather is getting cold day by day
Tomorrow is Thanksgiving
Bring a warm and care for parents
Warm, very caring
“Warm 520” small cashmere underwear
Crowdfunding activities are fiery
Original price up to 1780 yuan
Now scan the QR code to buy
You can enjoy 520 yuan warm congregation price
To light, thin to warm
Parents warm winter essential


Do not fail to the best year
Then remember Thanksgiving
Cashmere family METTE Thanksgiving with you

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