Quiet blue how much fire, I believe we have been in the dazzling street shooting to see clearly. That touch of quiet blue fresh, pure, quiet, deep, naturally other bright colors can not match!

In the spring quiet Enron afternoon

A ray of warm sun through the window into the study

In the window seat

Brew a cup of thick coffee

Holding a beloved book

Slowly read

That scholarly heart and soul

Aftertaste long

Experience life like poetic tranquil and beautiful


When a touch of quiet blue light hit the upper body

It is deep and subtle, calm and generous

The moment of silence in the bones

Quite the art of youth atmosphere

Quiet blue and other colors with

Or shallow or deep, it is seductive

◆ ◆ ◆

Style one

7241004 loose long shirt ice blue / dark blue

Tibetan green long shirt

With black wide leg pants

Red high heels with

More than a pretty, charming

Very stunning


Ice blue long shirt

Less hidden blue deep

More of the lake blue bright, pure

And white, white and white complement each other

Spring hazy, drizzling when drunk

A fresh blue fitted

Back on the SLR to picnic

Spring. Spring

Enjoy the sultry spring

Free to laugh

Use the lens to record the wonderful moments

This is a city of literature and art

Young women ‘s fun everyday

A touch of deep deep blue

As a transitional color of blue and black

It seems like a black deep

Fake two sets of green dress

The waist is not sutured design is bright spot

◆ ◆ ◆

Style two

4271004 Fake two-piece suit collar dress

Waist design

Modify the soft waist lines

Very thin

Can be used with wild leisure small white shoes

Youth vitality breath was significant

Dress up the street, show the perfect body

How can we get one less?

Exquisite long coat

Cashmere family pure wool long cloak

Small V-neck design simple and generous

The edge of the tassel decoration highlights the beauty of detail

Light, soft, comfortable, easy to wear

Is your spring out of the best single product

◆ ◆ ◆

Style three

6271001 pure wool long cloak navy

Blue with white, pink blue, red sauce

Gold, silver, olive green, orange, yellow

Different blue with different colors

light blue

With white, beige, khaki is better

Highlight the youthful vitality


Royal blue

With black, white is better

Noble in elegance

Lake Blue

With white, black

Smoke gray, khaki is better

Quiet and refreshing among the pure

Dark blue

With red, wine red, black

Smoke gray, dark gray, brown

Dark green, purple is better,

There is no shortage of mature

Noble elegance

◆ ◆ ◆

Style four

4271026–4271027 Navy Set

Simple Tibetan suit

Strong sense of professionalism

Quiet restrained

Low-key elegance

Red high heels

Make a charming and elegant charm

Cashmere, yarn

Cashmere, yarn

Dreams like the blue coast

Deep as the vast night sky

Bright and pure as lake light

Giving a steady, trustworthy feeling

Shades of shades

To create a different level of beauty

Also suitable for different age levels

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