Days cool in this cool autumn! Although not yet at the moment, “Moon Wu Ti frost sky” when it is “empty mountain after the rain, the weather late autumn.” This season, you still lack a basic cashmere sweater.

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Who said the basic models can only be old-fashioned, rigid, boring? Who said the basic models can only be wearing a primer? Stereotyped? Xiao Bian responsibly tell you to wear the basic models, with a good basic models, still can be fashionable fun!

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Also in the black and white film period, Monroe wearing a light texture of cashmere sweater, with casual pants or wide leg pants, to show her the most natural sexy. Half a century later, the elegant atmosphere did not decrease.

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Audrey Hepburn, dressed in black cashmere sweater with bust skirts, focus on playing golf figure, elegant and charming, heroic valiant. So many years in the past, Hepburn’s elegance and beauty, and never unmatched!

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Basic cashmere sweater with the skills:

Solid color cashmere sweater, can be used with jeans, casual shoes, youth fashion

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With black Slim pants, white casual shoes, simple and stylish

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Round neck cashmere sweater, with stylish wide leg pants, coat can choose long coat, chic fashion temperament immediately highlights.

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High collar cashmere sweater, with wide leg pants, was thin cover the meat was legs long, jacket can choose jacket, chic uninhibited, stylish and handsome.

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Loose lazy type of cashmere sweater, can be free with a skirt, can create a French romance and elegance.

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Tight cashmere sweater, the proposed into the bust skirt, highlights the beauty of lines.


Cashmere sweater to do inside ride, wearing a long coat, elegant and charming.

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Retro collar, high-quality cashmere, simple and elegant style, are you most in need of this fall and winter. Simple low-collar, solid color of the wild, comfortable and gentle, more fashionable degree has not diminished. This autumn and winter put on basic cashmere sweater, make you more elegant and charming!

Cashmere family SPRINGAIR basic models to bring you the warmth and comfort throughout the fall and winter.
6264001 striped high collar shirt black / red / iron gray / gouache

Slim models, wear a slim good build. Retro collar, warm and strong, outline the perfect neck lines. Wild black, warm red, simple gray, romantic pink, there is always one is your favorite. With profile-shaped coat, elegant and charming.
Women ‘s Saddle Shoulder Bottle Pullover Black / Silver Gray / Purple / Grass Green / Sapphire / Turmeric

Saddle shoulder, practical and generous, more fitting shoulder type, three-dimensional effect stronger. In addition to the basic black, red, gray, there are grass green, sapphire, ginger. This season’s autumn and winter, wearing the basic models, so beautiful to enjoy bloom.

High collar cashmere sweater can not only restore the classic elegance of a good sense of the times, the most important thing is very wild. From the elegant to the streets, from the feminine to the tough handsome, it can HOLD live.

So nice to wear wild and wild cashmere sweater, is not only female models? Of course not, the following small series for you to recommend two SPRINGAIR men’s cashmere sweater.

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8164028 Half high collar men pullover in gray / dark gray / light khaki / coat red

Semi-high collar cashmere sweater, reflecting the low-key aesthetic. Very rich sense of the design lines and simple contours, to convey a comfortable and casual concept. Calm is not fashionable, low-key and content, and instantly let the other half sense of security bursting.

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8164027 Men’s V-neck pullover denim blue / black Tibetan blue / gray

Cikuan cashmere sweater, thin fashion. V-neck design, to break the boring monotonous. Can take a shirt to wear, introverted calm. Business entertaining occasions, and a decent suit is the best partner. Holding a briefcase, confident assured, calm and calm the image of business men, vividly on paper.

A refined gentleman’s practice, need a basic cashmere sweater. Pure color, there is a natural pure beauty, contains a low-key gorgeous. Shape mature, tough masculine, self-confidence and refined image of men, and quickly buy it up for the men’s tickets up!

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